Slipcover Q and A, The tucking fabric

Question From Alina,

I purchased the book. But it is not clear to me whether you sew together the tucking fabric from say IB and IA and then tuck it in. If not how do you keep fabric from coming out of the tuck.


You do not have to sew the IB and IA tucking fabric down the entire length, but you do have to sew them together for a short length at the point where they attach to the OB.

If your slipcover is constructed well, your tucking fabric will never come out.  You will only need to smooth your slipcover out, much like smoothing out a bed cover. (and you won’t have to do it daily, only occasionally)

If you like, send a picture of your project along with any questions and we can be certain. Some unusual, or uncommon chairs call for different techniques.

sophia sevo


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