He not only sells the decking in his stores, but also he take large construction projects and install the decking by himself. This is the white decking project that Mr. Dave Hill built in a seaside project. The decking he used is our QZ-02A 150x25mm hollow type, while the color is customized for him. To make this kind of white color, we did many tests, mixed many different white plastic with wood fibers, finally we succeeded in making such a perfect white color.

With the white color decking shining under the blue sky, Mr. Dave Hill’s outdoor tourism resort looks extremely beautiful. Many tourists are attracted by this amazing resort. This place has become one of the most popular holiday resort in Mr. Dave Hill’s area.

Now Mr. Dave Hill is also displaying the samples of our decking is his local ITM branch. We are proud to have Mr. Dave Hill be our agent in New Zealand.