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PVC fence is also known as vinyl guardrail – is made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), PVC is a thermoplastic resin, combined with trace ingredients, giving PVC guardrail unique colour, texture, impact resistance, flexibility and durability. PVC fencing is an excellent, low-maintenance alternative to wood fencing. Vinyl fencing contractor has more good pvc fence must be treated, painted or dyed regularly; In fact, the average wooden fence owner can expect to spend time and money painting or dyeing every few years to maintain the look of the fence and protect the wood from weathering. But wood exposed to the elements eventually rots over time, leading to less stable fences and a shorter life.

Outdoor Garden PVC Fence

Seven Trust Outdoor Garden PVC fence Selection

Outdoor vinyl fence through the development of recent years is gradually widely used in fence materials. Some home centres now stock vinyl fence components,because PVC fence installation is very simple, as well as prefabricated panels in a limited colour range. The original PVC garden fence was a simple white plastic panel with a shiny finish that didn’t look natural, but now additional colours have been added, including brown wood tones. Now, some polyethene fences even have a texture similar to wood. Today, almost any type of enclosure can be constructed from PVC, from ranch-style enclosures to New England pickets to tall, solid-board privacy enclosures.

PVC Fencing Contractor

Read on to learn why Seven Trust® PVC Fence is a smart investment than wood fencing

Virtually maintenance free: A Seven Trust PVC outdoor garden fence requires far less maintenance than a wood fence. Vinyl won’t warp, rot, splinter, peel or blister-like wood, and it never needs sanding, staining or painting. All it needs is an occasional washing with a garden hose to keep it looking its best.

The wide variety of styles, colours and textures: Seven Trust leads the outdoor vinyl fence industry with the widest array of styles, colours and textures. Our Vinyl fence authentic woodgrain texture recreates the look of natural wood fencing, while our Vinyl fence offers an innovative alternative to traditional stucco walls.

PVC Fence Building Code Compatible

Consistent colour and fade protection: Stained and painted wood fencing will peel and chip, and the colour will fade over time. With the Seven Trust PVC fence, the colour is designed to last. Polyethylene fence manufacturer to offer PVC dark colour fade protection, an acrylic formulation that provides superior protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Greater strength and flexibility: Seven Trust PVC garden fence is up to five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood fencing, allowing it to absorb the impact from everyday run-ins with lawn mowers and tree limbs. Seven Trust fence products feature a steel reinforced bottom rail for a stronger, more rigid fence, which reduces the chances of sagging or bowing.

Concealed fasteners: All seven trust PVC fence system features hidden fasteners for sleek, clean finish. Wooden fences are built with ugly nails that, when exposed to nature, loosen over time, causing the fences to deteriorate. However, PVC fencing does not have to worry about this kind of problem.

Additional Cost Factors for Vinyl Fencing Contractor

Material and color: The final factor in choosing the right vinyl fence is colour and texture. Although the most popular color is pure white, it’s not the only option. Most suppliers offer a variety of beige, brown and red, but professional suppliers can also create bolder colour choices based on buyers’ needs. It is also possible to buy vinyl fencing, which looks like it is made entirely of another material; a realistic wood grain fence is a popular option. From a reasonable distance, it looks just like wood, but residents won’t have to deal with the maintenance of actual wooden fencing.

Thickness and hardware selection: In addition to choosing between a picket and a privacy fence, buyers should consider the thickness of the fence that best meets their needs, as well as the style and durability of the hardware. Some very cheap vinyl (PVC) fences may seem like a lot of money at first glance, but it could be thin material of low quality. For a little more money, buyers can buy more durable vinyl or PVC fence. This subtle difference can go a long way toward preventing damage from strong winds, ensuring that repairs don’t need to be done as often as possible, and preventing dents because the thicker the fence, the stronger it becomes.

Different Types of PVC Fence Style

Most rural PVC garden fences are just two, three or four rail fences with little detailing. Picket fences and privacy fences can come in a variety of styles and you will want to compare styles from different companies before choosing a picket fence. Some picket fences can be straight, curved or angled and the posts can have decorative tops, too. Privacy fences can be plain or have latticed or picket tops. Semi-private Polyethylene fences can have different types of slats and they will make a difference to the appearance of the fence.

Choosing a PVC fence isn’t easy, but once you choose a fence you like, it’s almost free to maintain and doesn’t need to be painted or repaired. When the fence is dirty, simply rinse it off, perhaps with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. PVC fencing has been around since the 1980s and has improved in quality. Find a product with a longer warranty, and if the price is a little higher, remember that you’ve bought a fence that doesn’t need repainting and won’t be eaten by termites.

PVC fence can look exactly like timber

Timber fences have been with us for hundreds of years, but an outdoor vinyl fence can look exactly like timber and will last far longer. They are definitely worth looking into and while initially, A Vinyl fence can cost more than a timber fence, over time it will cost less and last longer. PVC outdoor fences are a modern alternative to traditional timber fences and are definitely worth looking into.

In addition, buyers should choose vinyl (PVC) fencing that includes metal supports at the bottom of each fence post as well as metal hardware. Unstable wooden posts can cause the fence to sway in the wind during storms, so homeowners are better off with stainless steel or galvanized steel hardware, which can prevent the fence from rusting over time. This is especially true in places where rain is frequent or the humidity is high for much of the year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PVC Fence Installation

Advantages 1. Vinyl (PVC) fencing has become a popular alternative to traditional wood picket fences or metal rail fences. Vinyl fence is constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is combined with unique ingredients that provide excellent impact strength, weather-ability and durability. In fact, vinyl fencing is up to five times more durable and four times more flexible than wood fences, which makes it able to handle the impact from tree limbs and lawn mowers.

Advantages 2. Vinyl fences can last for as long as 10 years. It requires much less care than other fence materials. A vinyl fence will not split, rot, warp or blister like a traditional wood picket outdoor fence, and it will not rust, corrode, chip or peel like an aluminium style fence. It is a safer choice for consumers with families and pet owners because it is non-toxic. Wood fences are frequently treated with chemicals to safeguard the fence from weathering. It will not harm animals or children. The materials used in PVC fence installation are environmentally friendly as it is completely recyclable. It is an eco-friendly alternative to the huge supply of trees that are used for wood fences.

Advantages 3. One of the biggest benefits of vinyl fencing is how little maintenance it requires in order to look great for many years to come. While alternatives like wooden fences might need to be sanded down or repainted every six months, vinyl outdoor fences simply need to be hosed down or washed with a simple soap solution. For individuals who want the attractive look or benefits of fencing without the hassle, vinyl fencing is an obvious solution.

Disadvantages: The primary disadvantage of installing a vinyl fence is that the initial estimate is greater than that of a traditional wood picket fence. The concrete that keeps the posts in place for vinyl fencing requires time to harden before the installation can be completed. Therefore, if the location of the fence is not planned properly, it will be difficult to undo the mistakes. Some styles of the vinyl fence may have mildew issues due to exposure to moisture over time. If a PVC fence is damaged, it may be very difficult to repair by the average consumer. The work of a professional contractor would be required, which is normally a fairly expensive solution.

Model Type Inquiry Price
QZP-01 2 Rails PVC Fence

2 Rails Fence

Function: Waterproof
Environmental Standard: E1

QZP-04 4 Rails PVC Fence

4 Rails Fence

Function: Waterproof
Environmental Standard: E1

QZP-05 PVC Privacy Fence
With Lattice

PVC Privacy Fence With Lattice

Function: Waterproof
Environmental Standard: E1


pvc powder is put into the blender, then fence profile comes out from the machine by extruding.


pvc fence profile can be cut into any length according to different customers’ requirements by cutting machine.

Drilling holes

Drilling holes on pvc posts, rails according to different styles of fence.


Notching on pickets and rails by notching machine, which can protect the pickets and rails from being pulled out when the fence is installed.


posts, rails and pickets are packed separately; there are 4 packages for customers’ choosing: film (common package), weave bag, pallet and carton box.


pvc fence are stored in the warehouse and waiting for delivering to you.

What is WPC ?

WPC is a green energy saving and environmental protection product which is extruded from the mixture of recycled wood fiber and plastic(HDPE).The product offers the natural wood grain,color,texture and possesses the advantages of exquisite appearance,easy-installation,simply maintenance, time saving and labor saving,high efficient. WPC products is widely used in villas terrace, outdoor swimming pool,restaurant and hotel,walkways,corridor,flower shelf,garden and so on.

What’s the warranty of WPC products?

8-10 years, and its service life is for 15 years.

Do WPC products need the good ventilation and drainage?

Yes. It’s important to pay attention to clearance on butt joins(end to end),spacing between boards(side to side), and minimum ground clearance.Lack of ventilation and drainage will make products to swell over time.

How to clean and maintenance the WPC floor products ?

Pollution occurred from moulds,mucedine,berry and leaves,use a cleaning agent contains detergent and sodium hypochlorite to clean of.
Dirt or debris: clean the decking to remove dirt or debris by using soap,hot water and astiff bristle.
Chalk markings: all colored chalk lines are permanent except white,surubbing the area with hot soapy water with bleach may dislodge some of the chalk.
Oil and olein occurred by touching: use a cleaning agent contains degreasing agent.
Use tool clear the miscellaneous articles or objects of the profiles space in order to keep good drainage.

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