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The outdoor WPC bench is a popular feature in the garden. It provides a comfortable place to rest and appreciate the surrounding environment, and there are many other ways to use it.
Wood plastic types of outdoor benches are more than just furniture. If it’s installed in a good position, a garden bench can make a big difference in your garden.

Wood Plastic Outdoor Bench

Wood Plastic Composite Garden Bench Furniture

The wood plastic composite garden bench products are made by 30%-35%HDPE(Grade A Recycled HDPE)+60%-65%wood fiber+10%chemical additives (Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers, colorants, anti-fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants). Beautiful environmentally friendly wood plastic composite benches that won’t fade, warp or rot from exposure to the weather, and can be kept as good as new for years without special maintenance.

The garden bench is made of UV-resistant wood plastic. It’s ideal for people who want to create an idyllic environment in their backyard but don’t want to maintain it often. These WPC bench products can be kept outside all year round without cracking, peeling or discolouration.

Outdoor Garden Bench Case

On the other hand, the WPC outdoor bench has the flexibility of wood in both design and appearance specifications. Because it’s not just wood, it doesn’t break and rot easily, and it’s not affected by wood-eating organisms. It represents the latest trend in the building materials market.

Characteristics and application of garden bench products

The outdoor benches at Seven Trust are made of the same composite material as our paving materials (recycled HDPE plastic and rice husks). For our workbench, we offer three colours for the base of the WPC bench: green, grey or black, and three colours for the WPC slat: beige, grey or red. Also, note that non-standard designs and measurements can be provided to meet your requirements.

All kinds of benches produced by Seven Trust are processed with 100% recyclable materials. Our WPC benches can be found in and around the school’s play areas, public areas, parks, sports and recreation facilities. Its use is not limited to these, but can also be used in the side of the runway, shopping area, natural learning center and so on.

Outdoor Garden Bench Product Features

Outdoor Garden Bench Case

Outdoor Garden Bench Features:
1. Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent.
2. Elegant and detailed shape design.
3. Resistant to cracking and splitting.
4. Anti-water and moisture, acid, alkali and pest resistance.
5. Environmental friendly and no other hazard chemical.

6. Safe to use for many years.
7. Low maintenance and Never needs painting, But also can be painted.
8. Carpenter oriented and friendly easy installation and Quick to install saving on labour costs.
9. The structural product is available.
10. UV resistance, Fade resistant Durable.
11. Dimension stability against moisture and temperature.

WPC Bench Product Frequently Used Problem Solving

1. Ask: Are wood plastic composite products environmentally friendly?
Answer: Yes. Because WPC does not shatter, distort or fade like wood, it greatly reduces the wasted cycle of repair and replacement, eliminating the frequent use of environmentally harmful paints, sealants and stains.

2. Ask: Will WPC decking and railing fade in color?
Answer: Most materials fade when exposed to ultraviolet light and other weathering. Wpc-type product solutions are mixed with high-quality raw materials and UV inhibiting pigments to reduce fading and produce products with consistent colours. All products fade evenly. The WPC evolution adds 25 years of decay.

3. Ask: What are the main decking installation accessories?
Answer: Decking accessories including keel, stainless steel clip or plastic clip, nails, expansion screw, edge skirting.

4. Ask: What’s characteristic of WPC?
Answer: Looks and feels like natural wood, durable, impact resistance, wear resistance, high density, high uv resistance, color stability. High moisture proof, termite-proof, easy installation, low labor cost, no paint, no glue, low maintenance cost.

5. Ask: What’s the lifetime value of WPC?
Answer: Since the WPC never rots or warps, there is no need to paint or dye, but for wood boards that have been stressed, these costs increase over time. In four years, the total cost of owning a WPC deck will equal the cost of a pressure-treated wooden deck. Throughout the life of the purchase, the value provided by the WPC board is far greater than that of wood. Clean twice a year so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoor living space instead of being busy at work.

Model Type Inquiry Price
WPC Bench model

Model 1

Function: Waterproof
Environmental Standard: E1

WPC Bench model

Model 2

Environmental Standard: E1
Function: Waterproof

WPC Bench model

Model 4

Function: Anti-Slip
Style: Modern

WPC Bench model

Model 5

Function: Waterproof
Certification: Ce

Dimension stability

It will not be out of shape after a long testing of 8 years and there is no crack under the test temperature between -40°C to 60°C

Material Safety

Low flame spread / High slip resistance / No sting of wood / Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives / Environmental friendly / Can be recycled with 100%

High Strength

Outstanding screw and nail retention / High impact resistance / Great Compressive-tensile-shear strength / Modulus of elasticity: 20% greater than PVC

Good appearance & nice touch

Natural feel & wood touch / Broad range of finishes and appearance, Multicolor, and needn’t to painting


It’s lifespan at least 15-20 years in the outdoor weather condition

Install & Maintain easily

Easy to produce and easily fabricate / Easy to cut, fix and glue, drill and nail / Require less routine maintenance / No need staining & water Sealant


Garden, Park, Yard, Balcony, Beach road, Pool surrounding Gallery road etc.

What is WPC ?

WPC is a green energy saving and environmental protection product which is extruded from the mixture of recycled wood fiber and plastic(HDPE).The product offers the natural wood grain,color,texture and possesses the advantages of exquisite appearance,easy-installation,simply maintenance, time saving and labor saving,high efficient. WPC products is widely used in villas terrace, outdoor swimming pool,restaurant and hotel,walkways,corridor,flower shelf,garden and so on.

What’s the warranty of WPC products?

8-10 years, and its service life is for 15 years.

Do WPC products need the good ventilation and drainage?

Yes. It’s important to pay attention to clearance on butt joins(end to end),spacing between boards(side to side), and minimum ground clearance.Lack of ventilation and drainage will make products to swell over time.

How to clean and maintenance the WPC floor products ?

Pollution occurred from moulds,mucedine,berry and leaves,use a cleaning agent contains detergent and sodium hypochlorite to clean of.
Dirt or debris: clean the decking to remove dirt or debris by using soap,hot water and astiff bristle.
Chalk markings: all colored chalk lines are permanent except white,surubbing the area with hot soapy water with bleach may dislodge some of the chalk.
Oil and olein occurred by touching: use a cleaning agent contains degreasing agent.
Use tool clear the miscellaneous articles or objects of the profiles space in order to keep good drainage.

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