Visionary exterior designers are embracing the garden fence inspiration as a key way to create a unique outdoor style. With more colors, materials and features than ever before, we thought it was time to look for some fence inspiration! At Seven Trust vinyl fencing contractor, we hope to show all homeowners and amateur designers the true charm of the Fence. While fence styles can be simple, they don’t have to be. Today, more than ever before, there are more styles, bolder color combinations and more attractively designed fences. In addition, at Seven Trust vinyl fencing contractor, we are able to custom build a garden Fence that exactly matches your style. If you are looking for fence inspiration, then you have come to the right place – find your style and get custom quotes! Garden Setting Fence Posts Not only does the designed fence we’ve described in this blog look great, but it’s also very low maintenance — making it easy for homeowners to own. So, whether you’re a homeowner updating the outdoor look, or a vinyl fencing contractor making the design more competitive, this is all the wall inspiration you need.

Modern Custom Top Iron Fence Enclosures

Iron fence is designed to reflect the modern style of the fence, the use of dark grey panels with a lighter frame, with two tones. In addition, decorative iron top rail adds a bold extra feel. Also, note how the cool color scheme of this designer fence perfectly matches the decor of the homeowner’s terrace.

Custom Tan And White Fence Inspiration

This custom fence has 50% privacy, 50% openness and 100% clean outdoor style. Note how this designer fence combines a white vinyl frame with tan fences and privacy panels. This intriguing color combination also proved to be a perfect match for backyard sheds. PVC Privacy Fence-GAB

Two-Colour Designer Fence

Complete privacy and gorgeous color configuration. This two-tone designer enclosure pairs rich wood-grain vinyl panels with slender black frames. The fence completely blocks views of the underground pool while providing a completely unique look. You can guarantee that no one has such a fence nearby!

Roundtop Privacy PVC Fence

Beautiful privacy PVC fence, simple but modern in appearance. These solid and tall vinyl panels provide true backyard isolation. From a style perspective, the popular black and tan color schemes can be paired with a variety of modern looks. In addition, the unique outline on the top of the circular fence will definitely stand out! PVC Privacy Fence With Open Picket

Split Vinyl PVC Fence Inspiration

All the amateur farmers there are some fence inspired. The appearance of this designer PVC fence is exactly the same as the appearance of the antique split iron fence, which you can see on farms all over the country – just with the modern advantages of vinyl. In addition to the classic split box style, you can even see faux wood grain on vinyl shards. Need More Designer Fence Inspiration? Please refer to our PVC fence model library. Vinyl and iron fences have won a huge popularity in recent years for their ease of ownership, and they look absolutely gorgeous. Although the awe-inspiring appearance attracts people’s attention, it is the practical benefits that really make them a good choice. These are the three main advantages of these high-end designer fences:

Ultra-low maintenance

vinyl and iron fences are extremely low maintenance products. Although the wooden fence needs to be repainted and redyed to prevent decay, the choice of vinyl and iron can prevent this. All you need to do is wash them regularly to keep them in top condition.

Extremely long service life

these two designer PVC fence types also have an extremely long service life and can be easily used for decades.

Increased property value

because these fences are used on-demand and will remain in good condition, owning a fence can increase the value of your property when you are ready to sell. If you are looking for more fence inspiration, or are ready for the next step, consider visiting our outdoor PVC fence installation case. During your visit, you can discuss your project, style and budget with our fence experts. In addition, you can see the samples to give you an idea of the quality of Seven Trust.