Wood-plastic flooring is a floor that has recently become more common. The floor of this material has a strong market competitiveness and broad development prospects, so its wood-plastic floor price is also much higher than the solid wood floor. Many people don’t understand the reason. I don’t think it is very common. Why is the price so high? The root cause is still related to the characteristics of the product itself. First of all, the main reason for the high price of wood-plastic flooring is that it is an absolute sustainable material. Never fear that one day there will be no way out because of the exhaustion of resources. In today’s deteriorating global environment, how many trees will allow us to cut down endlessly? Therefore, the solid wood floor will one day come to an end. But the wood-plastic floor is different. Because its raw materials are plastic and wood fibre, it will not have too much impact on the trees. This is a long-term advantage over the solid wood flooring. Secondly, the wood-plastic floor is super environmentally friendly. With this material, you don’t have to worry about any harmful carcinogenic gases that consumers can release. Due to these two characteristics, the price of wood-plastic flooring is higher than that of other materials. I believe that in the near future, wood-plastic flooring will be fully popularized in the decoration industry and will enter every family’s life.