Wood plastic composite materials belong to the 21st-century green environmental protection materials, wood-plastic composite materials have been widely used in various fields, the domestic development and application are mainly focused on the floor, fence and building decoration materials, and plastic materials products. In the garden, the application forms and product types of wood plastic composite materials have gradually changed from simple to diversified.

Wood-plastic hollow decking

In contrast, wood-plastic flooring is used in outdoor conditions with less cracking and splitting and less maintenance. In view of wood plastic floor excellent wet-resistance, dimension is stable, and have the visual effect like lumber, use more and more extensive so, because it is environmental protection namely, have the effect of lumber again, replace real wood plank possibly so the position in garden construction. Wood Plastic Composite Material

Outdoor landscape solid decking

With the continuous improvement of human civilization, people yearning “industrial city” to “ecological city”, wood plastic materials in the use of landscape outdoor floor will make people more close to nature, coupled with wood plastic materials of green environmental protection features, to beautify the urban environment at the same time, also protect our life environment, wood plastic material joining together into the path of integration with nature.

Wood-plastic hollow decking around hot springs and pools

The adornment of foreign swimming pool cannot leave wood model floor almost, this basically is its super waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anticorrosive, moth-proof, acid-alkali resistant characteristic, general adornment material either comfortable but not durable, not long time may absorb water to expand craze; Or durability can but tread on above comfort is insufficient, and the floor of wood plastic material integrated the advantage of these materials very well, go up in practical with adornment sex very outstanding.

PVC/WPC fence

The common guardrail material in daily life is the combination of metal products, stone, anticorrosive wood, glass and other materials, etc., the form of guardrail is mainly railing, guardrail, stair handrail, wooden fence, etc. In the urban landscape design, guardrails in addition to the basic safety functions, gradually began to move into the decorative functions. Environmentally friendly wood plastic products

Auxiliary facilities

Pavilion made of wood-plastic composite materials, outdoor tables and chairs, flower frames, corridors, flower bowls, tree pool seats and other landscape pieces because of the near wood texture and colour to give a comfortable feeling and the environment is very harmonious and natural. It is simple to install and less to maintain in the later period. Auxiliary facilities in the landscape include: dustbins, signs, warning signs, tree name signs and so on. Specification size can be customized according to the needs, through all kinds of wood – plastic composite plate combination. From the three aspects of environmental protection, service life and recycling of WPC, WPC has a broad application prospect in replacing Wood plastic composite materials.