North America is one of the most abundant areas of timber resources in the world and is also the fastest developing area of the plastic wood industry because they cherish natural timber resources and face up to the maintenance of the environment. At present, the government attaches great importance to the recycling use of resources and the maintenance of ecological environment, which provides an excellent environment for the development of plastic wood products. In addition to the excellent function of plastic wood products, it is believed that the substitution of plastic wood for ordinary wood will become a foregone conclusion. The prospect of the development of plastic wood products is good in all parts of the world, not only because of the excellent characteristics of the products themselves but more importantly because of the recycling of product resources and the importance of environmental protection. According to the production data, the colour of plastic wood can be adjusted according to the formula. No doubt the most striking feature of the 2010 Shanghai expo is the China pavilion, an ancient hat shaped “crown of the east” in red, which is adjacent to a large mahogany floor. The flooring has both a wood texture and a wood texture, but the fact is that the flooring isn’t made of wood, it’s this new environmentally friendly product called plastic wood.
The application of plastic wood products in various fields
As we have learned, plastic wood is used as the first outdoor garden scene and hydrophilic scene, plastic wood use year is average wood 3-10 times. The principal components of plastic wood are plastics and natural fibres. Compared with traditional wood, the biggest advantage of plastic wood is the great contribution to the environment, saving wood is conducive to maintaining the ecological environment, do not need paint to prevent pollution to the environment, can be recycled after the use of secondary pollution. Plastic wood products do not have to brush paint, not afraid of the benefits of water, in about 10 years after the use of the cycle, can be recycled.
Balcony Deck With Comfort Appearance
So-called plastic wood is the use of plastic and natural wood fibre, the use of special production technology, such as extrusion, injection moulding, moulding and other processing moulding products.
Plastic wood materials
Wood-plastic floor through the implementation of recent years, from Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai world expo venues, to the United Kingdom, the United States, France and other European and American countries, can see the use of wood products more widespread.