The comprehensive performance of wood plastic composite decking materials is very excellent, and more and more varieties of WPC materials are used in outdoor buildings and landscape, and the quantity is also increasing. With the continuous progress of manufacturing technology and technology, the appearance quality of products has been greatly improved.

However, during the rainy season, the WPC absorbs water and expands, and the WPC material produces slight creep elongation, which cannot be recovered. The creep elongation and superposition are produced periodically with the alternation of dry and wet periods. As the wood in the WPC reaches the possible water-absorbing expansion limit and the binding effect of polymer materials, the increment of water-absorbing expansion creep elongation decreases to zero and reaches the creel limit. WPC outdoor decking material creep is temperature stress creep superposition and swell creep the comprehensive result of a long WPC end are fixed constraint, along with a variety of WPC material creep superposition, beautiful linear materials when built, gradually apparent bending; And after a number of heat and cold alternation, the size is basically stable and the bending degree is no longer increased.

Solution to WPC Decking product of water absorption expansion

In WPC materials, the moisture absorption of the macromolecular base is small, and that of plant fibre is large. It is important to treat plant fibres effectively to minimize moisture absorption. In the formulation design and process design of WPC materials, the water absorption of WPC materials should be reduced as much as possible, and the strict water absorption rate should be regarded as the quality index.