Ecological wood-plastic products have high density, straight texture, high mechanical strength, waterproof, insect-proof and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the structure is stable, earthquake-resistant and windproof, and ecologically friendly. In a normal outdoor environment, the service life of eco-plastic wood products is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary natural wood. At present, the ecological plastic wood products used in China mainly use the SGS test standard. The test items mainly include fire performance test, anti-UV ageing test, freeze-thaw resistance test, bending performance and thermal expansion coefficient. Environmental performance testing is mainly limited material testing and SVHC testing in EU REACH. The ecological plastic wood products are made of plastic and wood powder, which not only perfectly extend the service life of wood products in the outdoor, but also make full use of the scraps of wooden products to realize the comprehensive utilization of wood. Plastic wood product technology is very important. This shows that living in a healthy environment is indeed good for our body. Since ecological plastic wood products are mainly used in construction and gardens, they may be applied to traffic tracks and packaging materials in the future. Therefore, the detection of perfect ecological plastic wood materials is of great significance. The surface mechanism of ecological plastic wood products has the same effect as the texture of natural wood and has natural similarities in performance and decorative effects. From the performance characteristics of the products, the products of ecological plastic wood are very suitable for the use of different environments, even in the harsh conditions, there will be no problems such as cracking and deformation. Natural wood is hard to determine. Therefore, we must make careful choices in the process of choosing home decoration materials.