Outdoor WPC decoration products combine the characteristics and advantages of wood and plastic, while the basic materials and molding process determines some properties of WPC. WPC product has a high density of 0.6~1.2cm 3 /g. It also has a high hardness, which is greater than 58. Compared with wood, WPC has good mechanical properties, which are characterized by controllable deformation resistance, large hardness and good wear resistance.

Outstanding Characteristics of Outdoor WPC Decoration Products

outdoor wood plastic composite decking
1. Ageing Resistance
WPC product has good waterproof performance, its moisture content is not more than 2%, water absorption expansion rate is less than 1%. Plastic is not easy to absorb water and deformation, wood water absorption rate is 20.6%, and with PE, PVC, PP as the base material WPC water absorption rate is 0.6%, 0.5%~0.8%, 0.5%, can be clearly seen, WPC water absorption rate is much smaller than wood, only for wood 2.4%~3.9%. WPC product has strong corrosion resistance compared with natural wood. This is mainly due to the fact that WPC is made by mixing plant fibre and high-density resin, which wraps the wood fibre and seals it, avoiding the invasion of fungi and thus causing material damage. Therefore, the WPC product has strong corrosion resistance.
2. Decorative
The colours are varied. During the preparation of WPC, toner can be added according to the requirements to change the colour of the material. Light-coloured WPC product gives people a relaxed and pleasant visual and psychological experience, while the primary colour close to natural wood satisfies people’s sensory requirements of being close to nature. wood plastic composite hollow decking Gloss and decorative pattern. The gloss and pattern of WPC can be customized and pressed according to the needs of customers, and its pattern can be almost pure, and then cooperate with the material’s lustre and shade, more can give people a different feeling.
3. Environmental Protection
WPC is used to replace natural wood, saving forest resources and protecting the natural environment. Relevant data show that, for every 1 t of WPC invested, the cutting of tree resources can be reduced by 1.3 m, equivalent to a reduction of nearly 1.8 t of greenhouse gas emissions. Outdoor WPC decoration products can meet the design principles of the modern urban landscape, that is, practicality, agreeableness and environmental protection. At present, the application of WPC in the urban landscape is mainly planking, fence, fence, landscape sketch and some auxiliary facilities in the city.
1. WPC Floor
According to the cross-section of WPC board, it can be divided into two types: WPC hollow decking board and WPC solid decking board. WPC board installation methods can also be divided into two: direct method and buckle method. Compared with natural wood materials, WPC paving board is not easy to crack, not easy to be damaged by insects and ants, with good water resistance, wear resistance, good aging resistance, stable mechanical properties, similar to the appearance of natural logs, rich and diverse forms, can be customized according to needs, and easy to maintain. But WPC hollow decking is installed only in the place with relatively little flow of people generally, and it is not suitable to lay in the area where vehicles enter and exit. Generally speaking, WPC paving boards have strong practicability and durability, and are widely used in the boardwalk and courtyard of urban gardens. Outdoor Hollow Decking Project
2. WPC Fence
WPC walls can be divided into three types: closed type, semi-open type and open type according to whether the line of sight is blocked. According to its use function can be divided into barrier type and ornamental wall two. The main function of the WPC enclosure applied in the urban landscape is for people to watch, and of course, it also includes the function of blocking space. Because the fence is outside, it needs to be exposed to wind and rain for a long time. Therefore, the wall material should have anti-ageing, easy to repair and other properties, and these properties WPC material completely. In addition, the landscape wall should also reflect the culture of the city and improve the image of the city. WPC materials can convey a sense of the combination of nature and modernity, which is the best choice for urban landscape wall materials. anti-skid composite fence
3. PVC Fence
PVC guardrail is generally composed of column, beam, handrail, partition, base and other parts. According to its function can be divided into a security fence and landscape fence. PVC safety guardrail is mainly used in places with relatively high safety requirements, such as lakeside, riverside, mountain road, road and other places, this kind of guardrail requires strong impact resistance. Landscape guardrail is no special requirements for safety, this kind of guardrail is mainly used in parks, flower beds and other places, only play a decorative role. PVC materials have various preparation processes, and can be made into products of different colours, shapes and specifications according to engineering needs. Therefore, the PVC fence guardrail market demand will gradually grow. Vinyl Fence Project In America
4. WPC Product Auxiliary Facilities
In addition to the above planking board, wall, fence, etc., WPC also applies to some auxiliary facilities in the city, common main dustbin, signage, warning signs, etc. These WPC products are convenient to install, simple to maintain and of high use value. As the society progresses and people’s quality of life continues to improve, people begin to pay attention to the design of the urban landscape, while WPC has been recognized by the society due to its many advantages.