The wood-plastic composite material is applied flexibly and can be used in any field of wood processing. It is the best environment-friendly material to replace wood at present.

Outdoor – Outdoor Floor, Outdoor Corridor

Flower box board – Flower Box, Tree Pond, Fence, Trash Can

Decorative board – Exterior Decorative Board, Sunshade Board

Bench – Stool, Chair Bar, Backrest Bar, Leisure Desk

Signs – Signs, Billboards

Structural materials – Columns, Beams, Keel

Hydrophilic planking – Dock Planking, Water Passage, Near Water Building

Profile – Trestle, Footpath, Bridge Board, Handrail, Guardrail, Fence, Partition, Lining

Indoor – Floor, Wall, Ceiling

Decorative lines – All Kinds of Corner Lines, Edges, Inserts, Decorative Strips

Other places – Flower Shelf Corridor, Outdoor Pavilion, Outdoor Terrace, Bathroom Board, Door Window Frame Cover, Sound-Absorbing Board, Roof

If you are interested in such products, you are welcome to consult us for detailed product information. We will provide you with detailed product types and quotations for your reference.