Green environmental protection is a hot topic in the society, and today, with the rapid development of the construction industry, wood-plastic materials are gradually emerging and becoming the benchmark of the green building industry.

Thermoplastic wood-plastic composite (WPC) is a kind of modified thermoplastic material made of wood fibre or plant fibre, which is filled and strengthened by different processing methods, such as hot-pressing composite and melting extrusion. At present, the products that increase the added value of materials are getting more and more attention.

Wood-plastic materials are widely used and have entered various industries, such as ships, automobiles, transportation, logistics, furniture, toys, sports and military fields.

Wood-plastic material not only inherits the advantages of plastic raw material, also play a role of the woodiness material, wood plastic material he is not easy bending, deformation, mildew, corrosion and other characteristics, more important is the material of the plastic can use reworked material manufacturing, thus there are affordable, durable features, this is a truly conforms to the national environmental protection policy of new green building materials.

At present, the most widely used in Europe and the United States some countries, a lot of families of these countries use wood plastic material to do balustrade, protect a wall panel, floor, door, window etc., because of its durable, cheap, green environmental protection and other characteristics by the vast majority of users love, often regarded as a family building necessary material.