WPC hollow decking is natural wood/bamboo powder as the main raw material (about 60%), join thermoplastic plastics (about 30%), and then add some necessary chemical additives, under high temperature and high pressure through professional plastic wood extrusion equipment extrusion molding. A plastic wood floor can be widely used in the plank road, square, landscape and other aspects. The main characteristics of composite hollow decking: wood sense is strong, wear resistance, impact resistance, high density, waterproof, termite prevention, easy installation, low cost. Plastic wood floor and wood floor have a very big advantage: do not need paint, do not contain glue, maintenance cost is low, can be barefoot, skid, not easy cracking, 100% environmental protection, save forest resources.

Wood-plastic outdoor flooring is widely used in garden landscape and villas. This kind of flooring has the effect of waterproof and moistureproof. Traditional wooden flooring is easy to be affected by moisture, and after being affected by moisture, there will be the phenomenon of rot, expansion and deformation. It still has insect-proof, the effect of termite prevention, the gnawing of insect ant is little, the life of board will be extended to a certain extent.

WPC Hollow Decking Is Conveniently Installed To Ensure Quality

Considering the demand of different user, the WPC hollow decking has a different color to offer people choice, can have the natural ligneous feeling, still have the grain of woodiness, if still do not have appropriate color, still can make to order the corresponding color. They are also very malleable, which makes it easy to personalize them. Another point is very important, the material is green, but also can be recycled, to a certain extent can save the use of wood. Wood-plastic outdoor floor fire performance is also very high, its fire rating in the B1 level, the fire will automatically extinguish, will not produce poison gas. If the floor should be installed, it is also very simple, because it is not so cumbersome, the time required for installation and the cost can also be greatly reduced. The sound-absorbing effect of the floor and energy-saving effect are also very good.

The Sealing Edge Processing of WPC Hollow Decking

Plastic wood flooring edge using plastic wood plate edge, according to the height of the floor keel, the edge plate cut to the required height, fixed edge plastic wood material self-tapping screw spacing in 400mm~600mm. Also can choose other metal to seal the edge as the sealing edge of plastic wood floor.

For consumers, composite hollow decking belongs to energy saving and environmental protection products, not only can very good control of harmful emissions, but also can do the ground waterproof and moisture-proof. To stylist, model wood floor this one new-style material, have the affinity of natural lumber already, and model, color a variety of diversity can satisfy stylist to seek new, the design requirement that seeks differently.

Modern people pursue nature and the plain, and although the wood plastic floor is a product of wood reproduction and utilization, it also has the natural appearance and texture of wood. And the scar that plastic wood floor won’t appear and real wood floor is same and crack, the problem such as lumber easy bend, deformation also got the proper solution. Therefore, many families are particularly fond of choosing WPC hollow decking for home decoration. Now, home decoration, courtyard, terrace are used in the plastic wood floor, whether strength or hardness, WPC hollow decking in many floor materials are among the best.