The concept that the concomitant of zoology wood floor is healthy household, environmental protection household gradually fashionable whole home installs the market, the consumer enters a shop besides to see product performance, price, the likelihood that CARES most is its security and environmental protection sex. Nowadays, many consumers know that the environment we live in is not safe, the carcinogenic substance is much, the waste pollution is serious, so they hope their home can be a safe harbour. The traditional building can be said to be from the wooden building, earth building and reinforced building, wood is the most primitive home decoration materials, the wood floor is used in ancient times is universal. However, now the wooden floor enters people’s life again with the posture of handicraft. The ecological wood floor is given priority to with quick growth material, protect zoology environment with another kind of form to avoid to destroy, in the production state administration of the floor, fibre factor material is infiltrated equably, assure the stability of zoology wood base material. Because of using the lumber of original ecology, the formaldehyde that can floor releases quantity as far as possible falls to the lowest. And adopt the most advanced sealing technology in the current floor production process to guarantee the waterproof, moisture-proof and aesthetic degree of the ecological wood floor. The double advantage that zoology wood floor combines real wood floor and aggrandizement floor, will super wear-resisting, installation is handy, clean province heart and natural grain, comfortable foot feels photograph confluence, let consumer to the like degree of the product rises in a straight line. At present, the product of zoology wood floor tends mature, can deal with any environment like the common floor, no matter be the indoor bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, study, the courtyard of outdoors, plank road also can be applied extensively. The environmental protection tide that zoology wood floor guides the home to install a floor, undertake the concept of zoology environmental protection after all. The ecological wood floor is a kind of new, environmental protection, ecological wood floor, its popularity is not only floor innovation but also the action of protecting the earth environment!