Along with the improvement of people’s economic level, the requirement of living in the environment is also being promoted, no matter indoor living or outdoor environment, when buying building materials, attention is paid to beautiful, environmental protection, especially on the choice of the floor. There are a lot of outdoor recreational places appear now, the ground of these places is laid model wooden floor commonly, because the advantage of this kind of floor begins to be realized by a lot of people, and received extensive close to admire, it can say is the outstanding person among outdoor floor.

What advantage and characteristic does plastic wood floor have?

First of all, it has the warmth of the hardwood floor. The combination of plant fibre and the plastic macromolecular material is adopted, which replaces wood cutting and contributes to environmental protection. Meanwhile, it also has good waterproof and moisture-proof function and can resist corrosion and prevent the invasion of insect moth. Therefore, it is undoubtedly the best choice for outdoor use. It is a kind of development direction of the future floor, not only quality is good, and still have the performance of environmental protection, do not produce any harmful gas, have no any harm to the person’s body. The installation of the plastic wooden floor is more convenient, its cost is not high also at the same time. In order to meet the needs of more consumers, the manufacturer of the plastic wooden floor has developed new patterns in models, colours and various aspects to meet the preferences of designers and consumers. Use such floor as the outdoor floor, can control harmful gas emission already, can prevent the ground to have water again at the same time, prevent the damage that the sun insolates to cause, so such floor is the outstanding person among outdoor floor naturally. To advocate the society of low carbon green renewable concept at present, use such floor is the most appropriate undoubtedly.