Comparison of the difference between ecological wood-plastic materials and timber: the material loss of wood-plastic materials is less than that of wood products. Wood – plastic profiles are extruded and stretched with special profiles. It can make moulds of various shapes according to our requirements, and produce various shapes according to customers’ requirements, and is shaped material of any length. However, the length of the wood products is certain (the length is limited by the length of the tree’s growth years). The various shapes should be carefully processed by the carpenter, and a lot of wood materials should be lost before and after obtaining a profile.

Wood plastic materials and wood materials in the same shape and volume of the situation can be less than more. In the case of no influence on the structural strength, the hollow form is adopted for wood plastic, and its strength is far greater than that of wood. For example, usually paving the field floor, select the case of wood product, the demand of more than 45MM thick solid wood. For wood-plastic materials, only hollow materials with a thickness of 25MM are required, and their strength is far more than 45MM thick anti-corrosion wood. Change a word to say, when being used for outdoor floor material, use lumber material if be 1 cubic metre, so the plastic wood material needs 0.5 cubic meters only left and right sides.

The wood model material is a kind of section material, all choose hollow form, saved a lot of material we all know aluminium alloy door window can be carried through so quickly, it is the reason of hollow section material namely if be solid aluminium alloy door window, so the price is unimaginable tall. Although the hollow wooden model is not as high as aluminium alloy, it is also relatively objective. We all know that hollow can reduce weight without affecting strength. Wood plastic can be hollow, and wood does not have this advantage.

Wood plastic appearance is not required to do the paint treatment

Usually, wood is required to do exterior paint or perhaps waterborne paint treatment. That is to say in the construction of wood plastic is convenient, cheap.

WPC decking products can be used in the field without protection.

In the process of using wood in the field, it is necessary to protect it once a year, while the outdoor goods of wood-plastic materials do not need to be protected every year, so the cost of protecting wood-plastic materials is far lower than that of wood products.

Good physical sense.

It has the machinability of thermoplastic and is convenient for application. With the same secondary processing as wood, can saw, planer, with nails or screws fixed;

Good processing characteristics.

Capable of sawing, planing, turning, cutting, nailing, drilling and grinding, and the nailing force is significantly better than other synthetic materials. Also can heat bend, glue, paint and other secondary processing to facilitate the production of a variety of standards, scales, shape, the thickness of the finished products, providing a variety of planning, colour and wood grain products.

The internal combination has high strength

Because the composite contains polyester, it has good elastic modulus. In addition, because it contains wood fibre and is cured by resin, it has physical and mechanical functions, such as pressure and impact resistance, suitable with hardwood, and its practicability is significantly better than that of general wood materials.

Good shape stability.

The scale shape of WPC decking products will not crack, crack, not warp deformation, no wood scar, twill, colour spot, enzyme spot and other shortcomings.

High production efficiency.

The material has the forming and processing characteristics of thermoplastic, the forming period is short, the processing process is small, and it is easy to be applied Adjustable function excellent. With the aid of additives, the resin can undergo polymerization, foaming, curing, modification and other changes, so as to change the density, strength and other characteristics of wood-plastic materials, as well as meet the special requirements of anti-ageing, anti-static electricity and flame retardant.

Recoverable use.

The wood-plastic composite material can be reused and can be recycled 100%. It is biodegradable and contains no harmful ingredients to the human body. It has protected forest resources and ecological environment and is a new environment-friendly material in the new century.

The wooden exterior is well decorated

Its hand feels very much like wood, have woodiness warm feeling to differing the cold feeling of plastic, the wood plastic material of quality still can send out the clear scent of wood.

Wood plastic service life.

Wood-plastic materials and their commodities have the advantages of wood and plastics. Long service life, with the appearance of wood, higher hardness than plastic products, strong rigidity; It can resist strong acid and alkali, water and corrosion, and does not breed bacteria, it is not easy to be eaten by insects, it is not easy to grow fungi, it is resistant to aging, corrosion, small water absorption, good flame retardant, zero formaldehyde, it is pollution-free, -, it can be used in an outdoor environment for more than 20 years normally, and it can be used in an indoor environment for more longer years.