The wood plastic material has broad development space in the home decoration industry, can play a huge role, at the same time, the application and development of wood plastic material must pay attention to several aspects of improvement and strengthening.

First, we should deeply understand and practice the concept that “environmental protection is the lifeline for the sustainable development of wood-plastic composite materials”, make up for the lack of industry awareness, and further enhance the importance to environmental protection.

Second, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses is wood-plastic materials to build really the key to core competitiveness of products. Let the WPC decking material be used in the right place and it will glow like gold.

Third, do not too much pursue the technology and technology research of the material itself, ignore or weaken the product research and development application, cannot let the homogenized product flood the market in large quantity, aggravates the competition chaos.

Four, objective and rational in the face of WPC decking material properties. Some enterprises have spent a lot of energy on superhuman research and improvement, wasting a lot of time and resources, but the results are not good, wasting resources.

We should be good at absorbing and integrating mature and advanced technologies and technologies from different industries and take the road of common integration and development.

Industry self-discipline and enhanced supervision are the fundamental guarantees for the development of the industry. Under the name of “wood-plastic” green environmental protection, the practice of counterfeiting, fake and inferior products, with low quality, is painful and frustrating.

In this era of emergence of new materials, wood-plastic composite materials, with the concept of “environmental protection, energy conservation” and its own special advantages, have been developing rapidly at home and abroad in recent years, their applications have been expanding, and the potential of products has been continuously explored, which is very exciting. It is believed that under the current good environment of vigorously advocating ecological civilization, wood-plastic composite materials will reflect the world.