The new urbanization construction has brought unprecedented historical opportunity for the large-scale promotion of green building and building energy saving, and the new building material contains the green hope. Wood plastic products in life and industrial applications, with its environmental protection and safety and more and more favoured, play an important and irreplaceable role. Especially in the construction industry, wood plastic products cannot only replace steel, replace wood, replace traditional building materials, but also have energy saving, material, protection of the ecology, improve the living environment, improve building function and quality, reduce building weight, completion and convenience, and so on, widely used in the transformation of old urban buildings. In the old House transformation, the old house wall ageing, wallpaper drops mould, yellowing fade, wall paint blister shedding, cracking lost. In the transformation, the wall out of the new into a key step, in the traditional wall decoration, different decorative surface layers have different operating procedures, the process can reach more than 6, 7 lanes. A wide range of programs not only have high material costs, but also high labour costs and time costs. With the improvement of people’s living quality requirements and the promotion of environmental protection concept, wood-plastic wall panels have been paid attention to and valued by many people.

Personalized Innovation:

Wood Plastic composites as the old wall to transform the wall decoration materials, colour comparable to the traditional wallpaper, but also has the advantages of wall panels, is a new alternative wall paint, wallpaper wall decoration materials. Wood-plastic wall panels with non-toxic, tasteless, anti-humid, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, gorgeous appearance, rich colour, pure, and with anti-folding, anti-ageing, tensile, compression, tear strength high performance. The use of wood-plastic wall panels can shorten the decoration time cycle, at the same time can have different colours, patterns, patterns and other personality of thousands of wood-plastic product types can be selected, to meet the individual aesthetic needs of customers.

The construction is convenient:

Convenient construction The important factors that people consider in the renovation and decoration of the old house are the time period of the decoration process, the first transformation of the kitchen, toilet, and then the transformation of the living room, etc., during which customers generally do not move out of the house, but continue to stay in the construction of the home. Add to that the old House innovation also takes into account does not affect the neighbours. Traditional decoration materials such as wallpaper, paint and other materials will produce decorative odour. For customers who are eager to stay or have not moved out, the schedule needs to be completed quickly. With wood-plastic materials can be integrated assembly, saving time and effort. Wooden plastic flooring is easy to install, can greatly save the construction of material costs, labour costs and duration costs.

Low carbon environmental protection without pollution:

Old houses out of new, people do not expect decorative time is too long, the shorter the time the better. And the traditional decoration has the harm of formaldehyde, needs a longtime ventilation replacement. The use of wood-plastic wall panels, you can root out formaldehyde odour. Environmental protection low carbon, green health, decoration can be safe to stay. In recent years, the application of wood-plastic composites has been all over the field, is a new alternative to wood environmental protection materials, pure environmental protection, pollution-free, protection of the Earth’s environment, with people’s attention to health, wood-plastic composites in the field of architectural decoration has been recognized. The combination of biomass materials and polymer materials is used to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood, which can be recycled, degradable and recycled. From the production to the use of all links do not produce pollution, known as the true meaning of the whole process of environmental protection materials, wood-plastic composites in the old House transformation to play a greater role. If you are preparing to decorate your house, looking for some decorative plates, you can send us an email and briefly explain your needs, you can get a product quotation for your reference. If you have already chosen the product, you can also tell us directly, you will get the high-quality service and the high-quality product.