One: Adding a large core board when laying Some consumers add a large core board to the keel in order to pursue the foot. In reality, the quality of the large core board varies greatly, and the inferior core board will affect the paving quality of the wood-plastic floorboard. Therefore, if consumers want to seek a high sense of foot, they must choose the brand-name big core board products sold in the market. Two: only re-purchase Wood-plastic floor has direct paste method, keel shop idea, suspension shop idea, no matter what kind of shop idea to accept, you must choose a good construction team, confrontation “six non-stop”, that is, the wall is wet, the ground is not dry, unyielding The whole construction is not paved; the construction is not paved; the inferior materials are not used; the construction period is too fast, and the process cannot be carried out; the quality of the invention products is not paved; the absolute colour difference is not required. Three: not as heavy as ordinary maintenance Some consumers think that the wood-plastic floor does not need to be too careful to maintain the floor, use the mop to directly wash the floor, and not pay attention to the heating drip. When the cloud comes, the floor products are prone to discolouration, deformation, gaps and other issues. With wooden flooring, the floor must be regularly adjusted according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Four: wood plastic flooring is not environmentally friendly Some consumers think that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, plus multi-layer glue between veneer, oak solid wood composite floor has a high formaldehyde content, not environmentally friendly. In reality, the amount of formaldehyde released from the wood-plastic floor can be used safely as long as it is controlled within the scope of the national scale. Five: Trafficking and laying apart Manufacturers of high-quality solid wood flooring and parquet products usually have a professional paving team or a professional paving guide to manage the paving of the production. If consumers encounter sales and pavements that are not unified home units, they must make progress in their observations. Once problems arise in the future, it is likely to cause an environment in which the two parties evade each other, causing consumers to suffer. Therefore, consumers must strive to sell and unify the pavement. Six: Seeking plain board refused to buy paint board Some consumers think that the plain board is a real wood-plastic floor, and the cost is self-made, and it can save a department’s processing fee by temporarily paying for the paint, but I don’t know that the paint itself may cause the floor to be contaminated, the print quality cannot be covered, etc. The board is the manufacturer to carry out operations through the machined, highly automated production line, greatly eliminating the pollution, making the product more environmentally friendly. Seven: too much to seek texture equivalent The wood-plastic floor is a natural wood product. The difference in the difference between the trees and the sunlight, the brilliance of the wood is not the same. In other words, the plate is cut by the unified wood. Due to the difference in the position of the sawing saw, the colour is dark and the texture of the wood is not the same. Therefore, there is objectively the sign of the colour difference and the unevenness of the marking on the wood-plastic floor. This is a natural sign. Don’t be too demanding for colour. The above is the introduction of the purchase of wood-plastic flooring for everyone. Wood-plastic has both the water-resistant anti-corrosion of plastic and the texture of wood. It has been favoured by consumers and hopes to bring some help to your purchase.