First, the mode of production.

At present, the production of wood plastic materials mainly use extrusion moulding, that is, wood powder and molten plastic mixed extrusion mould hole to obtain a variety of profiles and plates, profile yield is much higher than the plate. In order to reduce the number of raw materials, enterprises use micro-foaming technology to reduce the density of materials and through mould technology in the profile to produce small through holes. The surface can be used painting or ink printing technology for decoration and protection, in which printing technology can not only get very realistic wood, stone texture but also because the ink penetrates into the inside of the material, a certain range of surface scratches will not have a greater impact on the appearance.

Second, the wood plastic composite decking response plan.

The use of appropriate manufacturing technology (1) Wood plastic profile bending test proved that the single straight line style of wood plastic profiles can be improved, curve modelling and bending can appear on wood-plastic furniture. According to the preliminary test, determined and the deformation temperature range is around 155 ℃ degrees, refer to the metal bending process and preliminary test, determine the selection of filled hot sand in the mold bending method, according to the design objectives to determine the bending radius and angle range, determine the optimum deformation temperature, according to the results of each test adjustment bending technology. After analysis, it is concluded that the optimum deformation temperature of solid material is about 155 ℃, the optimum deformation temperature of hollow material is about 162 ℃ and the minimum bending radius of 20mm and 40mm;45 angle at 90-degree angle is 31mm. From the results, the shape freedom and corner problems of wood plastic profiles used in furniture design and production can be solved, and the bending process is beneficial to the production of modelling features. (2) Foaming moulding technology is a mature use of production technology, currently used in the manufacture of wood-plastic decks, the basic principle is in the middle of two wood-plastic sheets into the foaming agent, the use of blowing agent generated by the heat and pressure so that the wood plastic plate tight pressure on the mould surface to produce tensile deformation, cooling natural bonding for the overall deck Such production of deck panels can be pre-buried hinge, handle, pad wood and circuit and lock pipe, high production efficiency, low cost, with solid wood deck appearance quality. This technology can be used to produce embedded parts of the furniture deck panels, panels, the overall back chair and other components, not only low cost, high efficiency, easy to install, but also can use the mold to get different relief patterns, so that furniture modeling and surface decoration forms of choice more. (3) solve the sealing and coupling problem of wood plastic profiles with special hardware and plastic parts. Usually, aluminium alloy profile products are through colouring or electroplating plastic fasteners closed port, wood plastic profiles can not only learn from this method but also can use the elasticity of the material so that fasteners and profiles combined more closely, so as to achieve a more integrated visual effect. A better example is the installation of wood-plastic decorative velvet: decorative money on the open with a seal of the nail groove, with nails, fixed to the decorative line and then put the seal on the slot so that the nail hole will not affect the beauty. The design of special coupling parts for wood plastic parts should consider the following factors: The inner hole size of wood plastic profile is not accurate, the coupling parts should have greater adaptability, the thin wall strength is smaller than the metal material, the hardware and the wood plastic profile should have enough contact area; Install the delicate mechanism with the profile cavity space to achieve some special functions Using foaming technology, the hardware can be pre-buried in the profile inside. See more product details : Product Model