1. Preparation before the construction of the wood plastic composite decking; before the construction, make sure that the concrete base of the construction site is smooth. This is very important, hope we do not want to save trouble, reluctant construction, otherwise cause you will lose more than you gain. 2. the center of the keel distance control in 310-410mm, the keel end butt joint should leave 10mm or so of the spacing, facilitate drainage, at the same time to achieve the keel row and row between the end seam staggered, not in a straight line. The allowable error of keel spacing is <10mm, the flatness is <3mm, and the expansion joint between the keel and the wall is 8-10mm. WPC Product New Installation Model 3. the construction site base ground construction conditions are poor, can not achieve the topic structure stability, need to use steel keel instead of wood plastic composite decking, the use of galvanized steel, welding links to remove welding slag backseat rust treatment. 4. the size of floor splicing gap, want to be installed according to wood plastic composite decking when the temperature and humidity of the environment, floor length, floor moisture content, and laid area specific case reasonable determination.

Wood Plastic Composite Decking Installation Notes

1. Due to the high density of wood plastic composite material itself, drill is required to guide holes in the positions where self-tapping screws are used, and then tighten the self-tapping screws. 2. Requirements for fixed keel: the installation working face shall be smooth without potholes and the keel spacing L shall be between 300mm and 350mm. New Fast High - Rise Installation 3. for a large area of wood plastic composite decking pavement, it is recommended to use the graphic installation, the length of each wood plastic composite floor is not more than 2 meters. 4. Edge sealing 5. For the pavement of the curved wood plastic composite floor, the two ends of each piece of the wood plastic composite decking shall be cut according to the length and Angle of the curved road and then paved. 6. The wood plastic composite floor of the steps is paved, and it is recommended to protect the wood-plastic floor with metal layers for the positive corner of the steps. 7. in the use of the process, please avoid the impact of heavy objects or collision. In the process of storage, transportation and installation of materials, please pay attention to proper handling to prevent it from falling from the height of the damage.