Wood plastic composite decking is made with high grade wood plastic board and become, wood plastic composite decking can have a wear-resisting layer, wear-resisting layer can affect the moisture-proof property of whole floor and brightness if be worn. So the maintenance of the wood plastic composite decking and cleaning work must be done. What needs everybody to notice above all is when walking on the floor, host wears cloth slipper as far as possible, barefoot had better. Next, had better give the furniture foot that puts in the home installs soft bottom to protect mat, lest scratch the wear-resisting layer of the floor. In addition, when cleaning, be sure not to let sandpaper, sander or metal tools are more hard things to clean the wood plastic composite decking. Application of wood plastic composite decking materials in the field of furniture manufacturing Again, when carrying on clearing to wood plastic composite decking, dip in with dishcloth first take water of clean rice to undertake wiping directly, also with clean rice water even spray goes up in wooden floor, after staying to 5 to 10 minutes next, wipe clean with dry dishcloth, the floor can become clean a lot of. Finally, for some special stains, such as paint, ink and so on can be used directly to clean the oil to wipe. 1. Remove dirt and residue with soap, hot water and a stiff brush. After the plastic wood floor is installed, dirt and debris are removed in this way. 2. with alcohol or acetone gently wipe the imprint printed on the side of plastic wood floor. 3. Use a regular floor cleaner or cleaner that contains bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and detergent. 4. the floor has grease stains, immediately use household oil remover to remove, and then rinse with hot water. 5. Clean chalk-marked areas with hot soapy water and bleach. Colored chalk markers are stubborn and cannot be removed, so consider using white chalk or talcum powder on the floor. 6. Melt ice and calcium chloride or rock salt on the floor as found in most home care stores. When the ice begins to melt, wash it away. 7. Remove ink stains with hot soapy water, then rinse thoroughly. 8. Use cleaning products containing oxalic acid or phosphoric acid to remove dirt and rust stains on the floor. This will reduce the smudge and possibly remove it. 9. Use common rust cleaner to remove pigmentation pollution caused by wood plastic composite decking weathering. 10. According to the instructions on the bleach package, mix bleach with hot water to clean wine stains and fruit stains. Gently wipe the stain and rinse with hot water.