When laying, add a large core board Big core board quality difference is very big, inferior big core board will affect the quality of the shop that wood plastic composite decking board installs. Accordingly, if the consumer does not want to seek exorbitant foot feeling, be about to choose the famous brand big core board product that sells on the market. Only Heavy Purchase Not Heavy Shop Wood plastic composite decking has direct stick law, keel shop idea, suspension shop idea, no matter what should choose good construction step team, confront “6 do not shop”, namely wall body wet leak, the ground is not stem, unbending whole do not shop; Confusion construction not shop; Use of inferior accessories not shop; The construction period is too urgent, unable to implement the process is not laid; The invention product has the quality question not to spread; Absolutely no flat color difference is required. New Fast High - Rise Installation Do Not Weigh The Same Common Maintenance Some consumer thinks Co-Extrusion decking does not need too careful maintenance, with mop direct mop washes floor, do not put in mind to central heating drips, effect floor product produces very easily change color, deformation, gap to wait for a problem. Use wood plastic composite decking, want to raise the floor regularly according to the requirement of manufacturer certainly. Wood Plastic Composite Decking is Not Environmentally Friendly There is consumer thinks the formaldehyde that contains affirmative amount in natural wood, together with wood skin between multilayer glue, the formaldehyde content in solid Co-Extrusion decking is higher, not environmental protection. In reality, the amount of formaldehyde in Co-Extrusion decking should be controlled only within the scope demarcated at the national scale. Selling And Selling Are Separated Wood plastic composite floor brand manufacturer can have a professional shop outfit team normally or professional shop outfit process, assure the shop outfit that sells production thing to handle affairs. If consumer encounters when selling and shop outfit are not unified home unit, should notice, once appear in the future problem can be very troublesome. Accordingly, the consumer should strive to sell with shop outfit unified. Seeking Co-Extrusion Board Refused to Buy Lacquer Board Some consumers think the plain board is genuine wood plastic composite decking board, and the price makes oneself, and temporary already cost money paint still can save a department to process cost, but do not know itself paint causes the floor to be polluted probably, paint quality cannot assure to wait for a problem; And lacquer board is manufacturer passes machine to change, active change the production line of taller hold job, eliminated pollution greatly, make the product is more environmental protection. Advantages of wood plastic composite in the field of furniture manufacturing Looking Too Much For Texture Parity The wood-plastic composite floor is the natural wood finished product, the luster of wood of the tree is different somewhat because of the influence such as illumination, environment. Still have even if be unified lumber cut the plank that comes down, because cut saw position is different, color depth, wood grain also won’t be identical, reason wood plastic composite floor objectively exists color difference and spot unbending balance sign, this is natural phenomenon really.

Wood Plastic Composite Decking Select And Buy Skills

The Surface Good wood model floor no matter be surface or flank smooth, burnish is oily, wood powder grain is fine and size is even, without fine crack, the cut surface feels compact. Packing The registered trademark, manufacturer, business entity, model, quantity, address, telephone number, instructions for use and standard of execution shall be displayed on the package. The name and number of the trademark shall be the national standard of the People’s Republic of China gb18580-2001. Price Co-Extrusion decking wants slightly higher than other common floors on cost, the price of the floor of wood of different brand model is different. Brand Wood plastic composite decking differentiates quality from exterior not easily stand or fall, choose famous brand so, assure product quality to be responsible for laid installation again already, wear well, after-sale service has safeguard. And although the cheap floor is cheap, the service life is short and does not have after-sale possibly.