wood plastic composite decking is in recent years market increment is faster floor breed, consumer is opposite its peculiar grain luster and stable product performance favour very much, but because consumer does not know wood plastic composite decking’s characteristic, come with imaginary quality scale choose and buy, because this often produces cost many but the result is not worth the embarrassing scene of security. For this small make up to remind consumer, when choose and buy wood model floor, must notice the following 7 misunderstandings:

Mistake area 1: when laid add shop big core board

Some consumers in order to pursue too much foot feeling, in the keel to add a layer of large core board. The reality, big core board quality difference is very big, inferior big core board will affect the quality of wood plastic composite decking board pavement. Accordingly, if consumer must seek exorbitant feet to feel, be about to choose the product of famous brand big core board that sells on the market. The Foaming Agent in Wood Plastic Composite material

Mistake area 2: buy heavy not heavy shop outfit only

Wood plastic composite decking has direct paste method, keel shop idea, suspension shop idea, no matter what shop idea is accepted, must choose good construction step team, confrontation “six not shops”, namely wall wet leak, ground does not stem, unyielding whole not shop; Confusion construction does not spread; Use inferior auxiliary materials not shop; Time limit is too urgent, can not implement the process not shop; The invention product has the quality question not to spread; Require absolutely no level off chromatic aberration not shop.

Mistake area 3: do not value as common maintenance

Some consumer think wood plastic composite decking does not need too careful to maintain, with mop direct drag wash floor, to central heating water drop does not put in the heart, cloud cloud comes, floor product produces easily discoloration, be out of shape, crack wait for a problem. Use wood plastic composite decking, want to press the requirement of manufacturer regularly certainly nurturance floor.

Mistake area 4: wood plastic composite decking is not environmental protection

Have consumer thinks the formaldehyde that contains affirmatory quantity in natural wood, add together between wooden skin multilayer glue, the formaldehyde content in oak real wood compound floor is higher, not environmental protection. On reality, formaldehyde of wood plastic composite decking releases quantity to want to control to delimit in the category of national scale only, can be used at ease. A General Way Of Platform Height Installation

Mistake area 5: Selling and laying the two separate

The real wood plastic composite decking with high character and real wood compound floor product manufacturer can have professional shop normally outfit team or professional shop outfit guide, the shop outfit that guarantees to sell the thing that produce handles. If consumer encounters to sell and shop outfit are not unified when unit of home, should advance warning, once appear in the future problem, cause two sides to shirk each other very probably environment, cause consumer bitterness to be unable to speak. Accordingly, consumer wants to try hard to sell and shop outfit unity.

Mistake area 6: seek plain board to refuse to buy lacquer board

Some consumer think element board is genuine wood plastic composite decking, and the price makes oneself oneself, and spend money to paint temporarily still can save a department processing charge, but do not know itself paint causes the floor to be polluted probably, paint quality cannot guarantee to wait for a problem; And lacquer board is manufacturer is changed through machine, active change higher production line holds job, eliminated pollution greatly, make product more environmental protection.

Mistake area 7: Too much of the same texture

Wood plastic composite decking is natural wood finished product, the element such as the place that the tree is planted as a result of planting is different, sunshine illuminate differs, the brilliance of its lumber is not identical also. Other, it is the plank that unified lumber cuts saw to come down namely, because of the position difference of cut saw, color depth, lumber grain also won’t be identical, reason wood model floor objective existence color difference and spot unyielding and balanced sign, this is natural sign really, need not too exacting color is equal.