Whether you’re a neighbour who loves life so much or working on a secluded outdoor oasis, the privacy PVC fence should be the last piece of space in your backyard. The type of fence you choose not only determines your style, but also your backyard budget. Find the most common privacy PVC fence prices – as well as different types of fences. The exact cost of your privacy PVC fence depends on a number of factors, including the material, the style and whether to work with a contractor or install your own DIY style. While we can’t quote you a price for the privacy fence on our blog, we can give you a ballpark figure for the cost per foot. Read our blog for prices and styles.

Most popular privacy protection fence cost and style

The three most popular privacy fence styles are pressure-treated wood, vinyl and iron frames with vinyl panels. Although all of these fences provide equally excellent privacy, each has its own unique style and advantages. See the average cost of privacy protection for each style: 3 Rails Fence

Wood Privacy Fence Cost Per Foot

Of all the most common options, these budget-friendly fences have the highest cost per foot. The wooden privacy fence has a charming rustic style, but over the years they have required more maintenance than other options. In addition, since the wooden fence is prone to decay and mold, it will eventually need to be replaced. So, although it will be difficult to overcome their costs, in about a decade they will need to be replaced. While other vinyl fence options still look as good as new in the same time frame. PVC Privacy Fence GBB

Vinyl Privacy Fence Cost Per Foot

Classic American PVC fence. Vinyl has become the most popular type of fence, and it’s not hard to see why. The elegant and simple style can be matched with almost any suburban house, and the mid-range price makes it attractive to almost any budget. Compared to a wooden fence, vinyl will reduce maintenance in FAR and last for decades.

Iron Frame Fence Cost Per Foot

These modern style privacy fences have thin iron frames around vinyl privacy fence panels. Also known as two-tone fences, they are one of the cheapest options on the market. These upscale privacy fences have the same low maintenance advantages as a vinyl fence but have the outstanding modern style of iron fence. For some homeowners, that look is worth it. PVC Privacy Fence With Open Picket In addition to the three most popular fence options, at Seven Trust we can work directly with you to design and build custom fences. You can use a variety of custom enclosures that match your unique outdoor style. Some of these options include custom colors and shadows as well as custom fence decorations and designs!

Other factors that affect the cost of privacy protection

While the material is a major factor in determining the cost per foot of the fence, adding an extra fee to the fence can also add to it. For wooden privacy fences, choosing high-end wood, such as cedar, can raise the price. Buying vinyl privacy PVC fences in other colors (such as gray, brown or tan) also adds to the price. In addition, all fences become more expensive when higher panels are ordered. When you call to discuss your projects and prices, it’s always worth asking what custom options are available to make your fence your own.

Find your privacy price immediately

Whether you plan to install the fence yourself or want to work with a trusted contractor, the first step is to call Seven Trust. We are more than happy to sell you all the materials you need or to keep you in touch with a contractor we trust. We can answer all your questions about the best backyard fence – you can now find the exact price of the PVC fence installation. Contact us immediately to start a conversation!