WPC Outdoor Wall Panel has good thermal insulation and waterproof properties, which is one of the advantages of wood-plastic Outdoor Wall Panel, especially for the improvement of modern living standard and quality. Also become one of the most popular decoration materials for many consumers.

WPC composites have been studied and produced for decades, most widely used in building products, and early architectural applications were often limited to window components. Now, researchers and industry have been developed to show the unique structural characteristics of the formula, many built of wood facilities are replaced by a wood plastic composite, is now in various fields to applications, such as Deck, railings, fences and so on.

Among them, the floor is the earliest in the application of Wall Panel Design products is also one of the most products, accounting for 75% of the market share of wood-plastic products. And wood plastic wall hangs Taiwan application relatively late, now with the application in the field of wood-plastic products also expand gradually developed, is expected, wood plastic wall hangs Taiwan will become the future building exterior wall decoration materials to be bestowed favour on newly.

WPC exterior wall panels can be used as partition decorative materials for non-load bearing occasions. Its surface has the certain waterproof capability; Compared with the commonly used building wall panels (gypsum boards, cement particleboard, etc.), the thermal and physical properties of these wood-plastic exterior wall panels are similar.

WPC outdoor wall panels are made of wood – plastic composite materials. Compared with the exterior wall of traditional residential buildings, the thickness and heat transfer resistance of the wood-plastic composite insulation wall has obvious advantages. It is proved that it is feasible to use wood – plastic exterior wall panels as a building envelope in terms of thermal performance.