Seven Trust has a variety of types of different styles of WPC fence products, its fashionable design is suitable for any backyard, do not need to use special tools to complete the installation, this is the current trend of the building materials market, but also the installation ideal solution for the outdoor fence. Our WPC fence products are exported to more than ten countries and regions in Europe and America. Unique production and colour mixing techniques allow our products to have a natural pattern and texture like traditional wooden fences and offer a variety of sizes and colours for customers to choose from. High-quality wood plastic compound WPC fence
High-quality wood plastic compound WPC fence is easy to assemble
Our environmentally friendly WPC fence products are mainly made of recycled wood fibre and high-density polyethene (HDPE). Combining the advantages of wood and plastic, they can be used outdoors for a long time without maintenance, painting or dying. The material is made of professional wood plastic extruder extruded under high temperature and high pressure. It is a kind of environmental protection material with anti-insect, environmental protection and quality guarantee for 15 years. Compared with the traditional wooden fence, our products are more durable, allowing you to relax and enjoy the time outdoors.
WPC fence can provide privacy and protection for your home
The seven trust fences are strong and beautiful, providing the perfect frame for any outdoor space. All the double-sided outdoor composite fence panels can be used to form the panels and are integrated with the high-quality column and track assembly system. Environmentally friendly WPC fence is perfect for gardens, parks and other decorations. Our WPC fence is designed to guarantee service life and prevent yellowing, cracking, chalk and other manufacturing defects as long as you own it. Designed to be placed in a garden, stable or park. The fence assembly can be assembled in a short amount of time with a few common tools. Design features of the anti-skid composite fence
Design features of the anti-skid composite fence :
WPC, as a new kind of environmental protection composite material, has the effects of high strength, impact resistance, non-deformation, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-moth and anti-virus. Physical characteristics: Sound insulation, flame retardant, processing performance is significantly better than wood and plastic products, to the standard modular design of hardwood, lightweight and convenient transportation. Environmental characteristics: No radiation, no formaldehyde and other volatile products, recyclable, green and environmental protection. Appearance features: It has natural wood appearance and texture. Better than the size stability of wood, no wood knot, products can be made into a variety of colours, the surface without secondary leaching paint. anti-skid composite fence
Why choose the Seven Trust WPC fence:
1. Stable size, long life, natural feel. 2. We can guarantee a strong competitive price than the manufacturer because we have a large number of customers and large capacity. 3. A global supplier. 4. Send QC to the factory for quality control and final inspection before shipment. 5. The most competitive freight rates from our own freight forwarders. 6. Rich sales and service experience and Suggestions.
Our services:
We can provide free samples, free samples of new products into the container, or according to customer requirements to make special samples. We can do everything before delivery. You just need to make the order, and then we can do the box design, raw material preparation, product production, delivery, and document preparation. We can design products according to customers’ requirements according to patterns, colours, sizes and so on.