The shop of indoor floor sticks, it is to choose a wood model floor or ceramic tile to be good? Industry insiders are divided over the debate. To this matter today shares the 8 reasons that a few wooden plastic floors are better than floor tile, but also not to negate ceramic tile at this point, installation still should choose according to the specific environment.

1. Personal safety

Floor tile surface is opposite with wood plastic floor, the friction coefficient is small, easy hit slippery. if there is old person or child in the home, the harm of floor tile to old person and child is more serious, and the wood model floor is not easy to hit slippery, more applicable to household shop outfit.

2. Daily maintenance

In the eyes of many people, the floor tile is easier to maintain than the wood model floor. Actually not, although floor tile looks good to maintain, but easy to appear black seam, and scratches a flower obviously, had a piece all change. And wood model indoor floor, have waterproof, anticorrosion, flame retardant, do not need to maintain, anti-ageing and so on the characteristic can satisfy stylist and different user completely, different adornment style individual demand. The rich variety of design and colour, realistic and beautiful patterns, simple cutting and mosaicing, environmentally friendly and comfortable experience, fashionable PVC wood-plastic Deck is a very popular new “light body ground material” in the world today.

3. Beautiful vision

Wood model floor has beautiful, durable characteristic, natural grain of wood, can show a person’s life grade very well, the colour and lustre degree of the floor, softness is admirable, the affinity that gives a person is very good, the design and color breed of the floor also is changing ceaselessly at present. And floor tile gives a person with more court sense, suffer limitation on colour and lustre, style, think out special effect not easy.

4. Construction technology

Wood – plastic floor saves heart, effort and money. The construction technology of floor is constant, have unified technical standard. For floor tile, want to consider its design and colour breed already, want to consider again whether its size dimensions can agree with the ground basically and won’t appear ugly narrow strip brick. Buy your own sand, cement and hire workers to build it. Additional, large floor tile to laid the requirement is higher a few, cost of pay also is taller a few, of course, the integral effect of big floor tile can be better a few; The laid requirement of small floor tile and cost of labor price are relatively low a few, integral effect also is inferior a few.

5. insulation

The wood-plastic floor has the advantage to indoor temperature insulation, and floor tile because of heat conduction fast, insulation performance is relatively poor. Especially in the spring or fall of winter, when there is no heating, and in the winter when there is no heating, the whole ground will appear very cold, not comfortable.

6. Cost control

A lot of consumer thinks the wooden model floor is more expensive than floor tile, actually, a few better floor tile price and wood model floor price are similar, some still more than wood model floor expensive a few tens yuan even hundreds yuan. Under the condition of the same price, the floor tile that appears easily in the laying of damaged phenomenon, not free the shop is stuck not even professional shop, consumers can only find someone to shop is stuck, labor and cement sand as adjuncts to take 40 yuan per square metre, plus go upstairs and handling fee, of course, we can’t rule out the damaged in the process of floor tile shop sticks and personal waste of time. If you install a wood-plastic floor, you can save these costs for other USES.

7. Household use

Wood – plastic floor can adjust air humidity. Although floor tile does not absorb water, well take care of it, but cold, have radioactivity possibly. The wood-plastic floor can absorb moisture, reduce noise, warm in winter and cool in summer, can ease the mood. The wooden model floor can absorb tide, live in the household of the first floor especially, with wooden model floor board most appropriate, in winter the feeling that won’t appear shady and cold in the home, floor tile because cannot absorb tide, the room can be colder when moisture is aggravated in winter. The additional wood model floor has affinity more, the child is willing to run about in barefooted above. The psychological expert also suggests the floor of wooden model of the shop in the home can reduce noise, can make a person spirit more relaxed than shop floor tile, have slow pressure action to more and more pressure now urbanite.