The compound floor is the latest generation of reinforced wood-plastic composite products, the product applied polyester fibre technology so that the physical and chemical properties of the products have been improved, enhancing the product’s application performance. The fibre length of wood-plastic composite products using polyester fibre technology is more than 10 times that of traditional wood-plastic composite products, and their comprehensive physical and chemical properties are several times or even dozens of times higher than that of traditional wood-plastic composite products. That serves as the consumer, how should see the compound floor? Today is explained to everybody the 3 index of good and bad of compound floor.

1, Technology

The compound floor is the product that passes a lot of links, much-working procedure processing and becomes, every processing technology is very important, decide the beautiful appearance of the floor and service life. For example, the scientific treatment of wood can ensure the reduction of the deformation coefficient of wood, making the floor structure more consolidated and durable, meeting the needs of different climate environments.

2, Quality

Compound floor proposal is on the basis of equal manufacturing technology, the quality that chooses is more superior, each function of the product is better, construction action also can reflect the apparent difference. The high demand for the function of the paint film of floor commodity is not only the demand for high-quality goods but also the embodiment of artistic civilization on the other side. Because the quality of the paint film determines the embodiment of the technical function, it affects the artistic charm and the inherent civilization of the floor, and also determines the maintenance cost of the later floor.

3, Functionality

Different floor quality demand, decide the functional position of paint and choose, for example, outdoor floor to paint film yellow resistance, adhesion, weather resistance demand is higher, so the functional demand for paint in these aspects is more strict; Indoor floor demand flow level sex is good, paint film is plump and solid, so paint demand has special advantage in flow level sex, hand feeling, plump degree. If the construction technology and quality demand of paint is the embodiment of the civilization and artistic value of finished floor products, then the function selection of paint is the concrete demand of the practical function of finished floor products.