Wood Plastic Composites (WPC), as a new type of composite material which flourished in recent years at home and abroad, and the industry continued the rapid growth momentum of the previous year, both in the domestic market and in the international market, are steadily rising. At present, the whole industry is in a new round of rapid growth period, is also WPC materials in the domestic start of mass production, the best period of development. There are several main factors that can have the present situation: First, the manufacturer after more than more than 10 years of experience accumulated summary. Under the impetus of the trade association, more and more exchanges between the various production enterprises, in the process, formula, equipment and other aspects of learning from each other, draw on each other’s strengths and common progress. Products more and more stable, users are also more and more confident, conducive to the promotion of the market. Second, WPC industry upstream and downstream supporting enterprises have made great progress, such as HDPE scrap supply system perfect, relatively stable quality, production equipment and wearing parts after many improvements, more to meet the production requirements of WPC, more efficient and energy-saving mixer instead of old-fashioned high mixer, processing auxiliaries more suitable for the WPC industry requirements, the use effect is improved quickly, while the purchase cost is greatly reduced. Third, due to the good processing performance of WPC, strong performance and adjustable performance, the market awareness of WPC materials, and more and more people recognize the advantages of this material, WPC has become the choice of more users. At present, the WPC industry in terms of technological progress and products mainly presents the following characteristics: First, PE is the second generation of WPC products, that is, in the ordinary wood plastic material surface coextrusion, coated with a layer of special engineering plastics. This new material has better weather resistance, wear resistance, commonly known in the industry as “the second generation of wood plastic materials.” Co-extrusion products also began to rise from the United States, but China after more than five or six years of efforts, through independent innovation, products gradually mature, the formation of their own style, and by the international major buyers recognized, quickly occupied a considerable part of the international mainstream market, greatly enhance the overall image made in China. And in the leading enterprises under the leadership of co-extrusion products in the country quickly popularized, technology gradually maturing. Second, the WPC material manufacturing enterprises began to take the road of independent innovation. Enterprises are aware that the serious homogenization of products lead to low prices, low quality, the ultimate harm is the entire industry. In recent years, on the basis of improving mechanical properties, many enterprises in the appearance of products, such as some material surface treatment manufacturers, pigment suppliers with the assistance of the formation of their own characteristics. For example: 1) Online embossing Products: In the extruder mouth mold, material cooling before the plate for hot-pressing flowers, cooling and then the appropriate sanding treatment, so that the surface of the material has a deeper texture, to solve the traditional process pressure out of the pattern is too shallow, after the use of retention time is too short this problem. 2) Mixed color products: In the extrusion process of the semi-finished product to add a suitable color mother, control the dispersion of the lustful mother, so that the surface of the material to produce a flow pattern, and then through the appropriate surface treatment, the appearance of the material more real, natural, to achieve the surface effect of natural wood. 3) online embossing, mixed colour products: The advantages of the above two combined. Third, PVC fast loading wallboard development is rapid. PVC Fast Wallboard with beautiful appearance, the pattern can be customized, easy to install, non-toxic formaldehyde release and other advantages, after more than three years of promotion, quickly become the interior decoration of the inner wall material first choice. The product can be customized according to customer needs, preferences, and provide personalized design, installation and other services. The product uses traditional PVC mixing, extrusion technology, the use of foaming technology, to make a certain specification of empty core plate plate, and then the use of surface laminating, heat transfer printing and other means, to give the material surface a variety of realistic appearance, widely used in hotels, conference rooms and other public facilities and home decoration. If you are interested in wood-plastic products, you can send a message at the message board below and you will receive a quotation and template for the product. 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