In recent years, the wood plastic composite industry has developed efficiently from the aspects of technology and application. From the perspective of performance optimization and cost control, the wood plastic composite has also evolved from the original product to the current second and third generation products. At present, the latest research results of wood plastic composites mainly include co-extruded wood deck products and embossed wood deck products.

Co-extruded wood deck products

Co-extruded wood deck products are the best of the second generation of wood plastic composite products at present. The application of co-extrusion technology reduces the cost of wood plastic composite products under the condition of constant performance and opens up a new way to save the cost of second-generation wood plastic products. Europe and the United States were extruded deck products on the market more and more, is not only the traditional high-end wood plastic doors and Windows, armrest, use wood plastic co-extrusion fence, even the low end of the deck, fence, wall panel, template also more and more use wood plastic co-extrusion, wood plastic co-extrusion products account for the number of wood plastic products has more than 50%, can say, wood plastic co-extrusion has become a mainstream trend of wood plastic. At present, the co-extrusion materials of wood plastic mainly include PVC, PE and acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylonitrile-plastic (ASA), among which the co-extrusion products of PE type wood plastic are relatively large. The base of co-extruded wood deck products does not need to add anti-ageing agent, pigment and other materials, and the thickness of co-extrusion surface is very thin, about 0.5mm, reducing the cost by over 65%

Embossed wood products

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, single-colour wood plastic cannot meet customers’ aesthetic needs. People have higher and higher requirements on the spiritual level and are more inclined to get close to things in nature. In order to meet the requirements of beauty, practicality, simulation and deplasticization of wood plastic, embossed wood plastic products emerge at the right moment. Embossed wood products are more and more prone to complex patterns, retro. At present, the most widely used technology is the archaize deep embossing technology and online embossing technology. Online embossing is commonly known as hot embossing, that is, before the temperature of wood plastic profile at the mouth of the mould has been embossed, the original pattern has been retained to a large extent, and the visual sense and three-dimensional sense of embossed wood products have been increased, so that the wood plastic industry has been expanded and developed in the decoration field. Excerpt: