1. If wpc floor is to be used, the installation is relatively simple and there is no special complicated construction technology. This can also help us save deck installation time and cost.

2. The wpc floor shall be prepared before construction, and the concrete base ground of the construction site shall be smooth before construction. This point is very important, hope everybody does not want to save trouble, build reluctantly, with the result that causes otherwise can let you gain undeserved loss.

3, the keel of centre distance control between 310-410 mm, keel end butt joints is about 10 mm spacing, facilitate drainage, at the same time to do keel end joint between row and row stagger, not in a straight line.

4, if the ground at the grass-roots level to the construction site construction conditions is poor, can not reach the correct structure stability, the need to use instead of steel keel for wpc keel, after use welded link, connecting parts to remove slag and good antirust processing.

5. The size of the outdoor deck splice gap should be reasonably determined according to the temperature and humidity of the environment when the wpc floor is installed, the length of the floor, the moisture content of the floor, and the specific conditions of the laid area.

6. After our successful installation, there is no need for special maintenance and maintenance, and cleaning is also convenient.

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