The advantages of PVC wood plastic composite decking board is not easy to deformation, not only waterproof, flame retardant, and can be mouldproof, but, the disadvantage of PVC decking board is easy to occur in the process of transportation damage phenomenon. The advantage of density board is to have weight, the door that holds has handle very much, the price is relatively cheap also. The downside of density plates is that they deform, but not all of them. Accordingly, the family with lower floor chooses to do wood model board as far as possible move a door, tall floor won’t have this drawback. Density board is also good and bad. A good density plate will have a business seal on the back, while a poor density plate will not have a steel seal. On base material, the density of good plank is higher, the phenomenon that produces deformation not easily, and the density of bad density board is very poor, divide into two sections extremely easily. What is the difference between PVC decking board and general wood plastic board (1) the composition of the resin is different. PVC wood plastic composite decking board foam board resin is polyvinyl chloride, and the general wood plastic board resin is polyethylene. PVC Decking (2) in terms of price, PVC decking is cheaper, while general WPC is more expensive. (3) in terms of the scope of application, PVC wood plastic composite decking is relatively hard and brittle, while the general wood-plastic plate is relatively soft and relatively tough. However, PVC wood plastic composite decking application more widely, it also and it has no inflammable, high strength and resistance to change performance, stable and good performance, in general, the wood-plastic plate is not so widely used, generally soft wood plastic composite decking, compared with the same plastic board, the wood plastic plate is relatively light, the quality of the application is also used in plastic wrap, vest bags, pail, kettle, etc. (4) in terms of weight, the material of PVC decking is relatively heavy, while the material of general WPC is relatively light.