One of the most influential but most overlooked factors is matching the color of the composite fence panel to the outside walls of your home. This key touch can elevate a charming home into a look worth reading. In today’s blog, we’ll point out our favorite WPC fence color idea that can fit your house regardless of the siding or building materials.

Fortunately, at Seven Trust fence supply, we are a fence distributor, making it simple by providing a variety of fence colors that can be guaranteed to suit any house or style. We believe that the fence will not only add privacy to your property, but will also amaze your neighbors. Read on to learn the best PVC fence color combinations to use, or feel free to contact our outdoor expert to start shopping!

One of the main ways to find the best WPC fence color is to match it to the color of the house. These are our selection of top fence color ideas to match the most common home colors:

The Composite Fence Panel Used for White House Slatted the Color Idea of The House

Some of the fence colors we suggested for the white sidings were black iron and vinyl. At the Seven Trust WPC fence and balustrade, we provide a true wooden appearance without the high maintenance hassle of wood. Black iron is also an excellent PVC fence color if you are looking for a sophisticated, high-class look that is sure to attract attention along with white siding. For those who want your fencing to be bold, we recommend choosing tan vinyl or bronzer, both of which can really take your look off!

The Best Combination Of Wall Color With WPC Fence Color
Stucco House Decorative Fence Panel Color Idea

Our favorite WPC fence colors for stucco or tan vinyl siding are black iron and white vinyl. Although tan panels can be used with almost any color, both of these classic PVC fence colors create a great sense of comfort. The white fence vinyl creates a very timeless aesthetic in the suburbs that will suit the residential areas throughout the country. On the other hand, the combination of clean tan and black iron creates a unique upscale style.

Use Blue or Green Siding for House WPC Fence Color Ideas

For these bolder siding options, we recommend an easier way to set the WPC fence color. Because you have distinguished the exterior home style by the panel selection, use subtle colors such as white or gray for the PVC fence. This will help tie the siding to the rest of the house without overpowering the color.

Fence Color Ideas for Houses With Dark Siding

Perhaps a little less than other colors, and it’s important to design for a dark palette. The darker panel color also gives you the flexibility to choose the WPC fence color. We recommend that you use dark materials like black iron to help create a modern feel for your house. If you want a truly unique fence color, try using bronze iron to add a unique twist to the dark panels to ensure attention.

Color Idea of The Composite Fence Panel of The Brick House

For those who want to emphasize the style of your brick house, there are still many ideas for fence colors for you to choose from. Because the brick house has such an outstanding classic appearance, our favorite WPC fence color is the traditional color, such as white or black. This will continue to showcase the best of the brick house while adding some new touches to the exterior.

Outdoor Garden WPC Fence Color
A Variety of Colors for Vinyl and Iron Fences

In the past, the only fence color options for vinyl or iron fences were white and black. To this day, many people mistakenly believe that if they choose vinyl or iron fences, these are the only color choices. Facts cannot be further from the truth!

Seven Trust fence and railings supply a wide range of iron and vinyl fence colours. In addition, as more and more bold designs and ideas of WPC fence colors become more and more common, new PVC fence colors have been popular in the market. Regardless of the colour of the fence you intend to use, you can Trust that Seven Trust has the materials to do so.

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Seven Trust has years of experience in designing high-quality fencing products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, we stock products from other leading fence manufacturers. As a result, we have become the go-to place for DIY homeowners and professional contractors. If you need help in finding decorative and railing materials, we will also provide them. Once you’re ready to start building, we can help you. Contact us immediately for a free quote on your best PVC fence colors!