The Benefits Of Choosing a WPC Flooring

WPC hollow decking is a new kind of environmental protection products, at the same time with woodiness sense and water-resistant anticorrosive properties, make it become a kind of excellent performance and very durable outdoor waterproof anti-corrosion materials, wpc hollow decking is very environmental protection. It’s service life is longer, but also more affordable and environmentally friendly.

1. WPC hollow core decking is held concurrently with the characteristic of lumber and plastic, so it is waterproof performance is better not only, but moisture-proof performance is very good also. This is a good solution to the problem that traditional wood products tend to rot after encountering water.

2. The colour of the WPC flooring is much more, it has the texture and texture of natural wood, and we can also customize the colour we like according to our own preferences.

3. The plasticity of the wood plastic composite decking is also relatively strong. It can be made into the shape we like when we use it.

4. The WPC flooring is a kind of pollution-free floor, it does not contain benzene in the middle, and the content of formaldehyde only has 0.2. The WPC flooring is Europe’s top environmental standards. We can also save on the use of wood in the manufacturing process.

5. Its fire resistance is also good. The fire rating is B1. In other words, it can be extinguished automatically after it encounters fire. And it doesn’t produce harmful gases. It effectively ensures the safety of the family environment.

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