At present, the WPC product has occupied a large market share in the building materials market. Despite the need to sustain economic growth, there is still a greater reliance on plastics produced from fossil fuels. However, given the cost of industrial production, the affordability of consumers and the need for environmental protection, the demand for wood plastic composite deck product in real life has been increasing. WPC product has been widely used all over the world and its usage is increasing exponentially year by year. In Europe, WPC product accounts for more than 11% of the use of composite materials. In the field of exterior decoration of buildings and auto parts, WPC product occupies the majority of the market share. In other industrial production and social life, WPC product has also been well used, such as building walls, household and consumer goods.

WPC product is usually used in the building environment, including internal decoration and external decoration of buildings. The main principles of improving the durability of the WPC product are related to the types of wood materials, the types of polymers added, the mixing ratio of wood and plastics. Structural durability and aesthetic durability are equally important for WPC product. In architectural engineering, WPC product is mainly used in building formwork of pouring concrete. It has many advantages and is an environment-friendly building formwork. For WPC product for the raw material preparation of building templates rigidity and toughness, density and structure optimization can improve processing technology and the preparation technology, explore new modified method and the design method of structure and get a good solution. WPC product will be used more and more in the field of building engineering under the state’s vigorous promotion of conserving the use of wood.

In addition to temporary housing for construction sites in the field of construction, foreign plastic and wood products also include commercial office buildings, shops and laboratories. Industrial plant; Schools, kindergartens, nursing homes and hospitals used in public buildings; Tourist villas, motels, hotels and restaurants for tourism; Residential buildings used in traditional construction and so on. At present, the domestic WPC product integrated housing is gradually recognized, many developments, real estate developers, scenic spots, the new rural construction, personal value this very have advantages of products, the rapid promotion of integrated housing has been a highlight in the field of new material and construction of this century. In the future, integrated houses will make full use of solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy to form truly self-sufficient green and environment-friendly houses.

WPC product materials based on the comprehensive utilization of waste resources, waste and harm for profit, and has the high economic benefit and social benefit, conform to the requirements of the scientific development view and sustainable development, meet the requirements of the construction of economical society and the development of the circular economy. It has broad prospects for development.