The rapid development of decking material, on the one hand, is due to its material characteristics, which determine the necessity of replacing traditional materials; on the other hand, it is based on the market development space. WPC product has been widely used in various fields in developed countries.

The plastic wood floor is more common in recent years, the family ground shop because wpc product has the characteristics of waterproof and moistureproof, corrosion preventing deformation, use a plastic wood floor in the bathroom floor is decorated in, no doubt will solve these problems. Plastic wood not only can make indoor metope, setting wall, ceiling decoration materials, at the same time, because the plastic wood waterproof moisture resistance, weather resistance, bibulous rate is low, anti-corrosion, not easy to deformation, environmental protection and other characteristics, can be applied to plastic wood floors, walls, ceiling, bathroom sink, bathroom cabinet, rack and so on, plastic wood floor, use in the bathroom, weaken the glazed tiles, ceramic floor tile of cold and cold feeling, give people the feeling of sweet elegance, and plastic wood would be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape not easily, the maintenance is very convenient. Wood-plastic flooring not only can be used for family bathroom, can also be used in swimming pools, bath center, the bathroom, the place such as the aquarium, can be applied to the balcony, terrace, landscape road and outdoor patio.

Safety is the primary consideration for all human activities. In the space that defends bath, current furniture will safe attention is put on prevent slippery property go up, especially the ground, bath crock prevents because bath is exposed to dew, soap and so on contaminate and bring about user slippery. And skid resistance for type plastic wood bathroom furniture is its basic security, the security in the future will be mainly reflected in stronger furniture structural integrity and higher stability, especially in a sanitary environment in the process of long-term use of parts not out of the whole; Detailed design will be more use round Angle, avoid sharp Angle and hole (avoid children will hand into it), provide reliable guarantee for users to use bathroom space safely.

The furniture of wpc product in the future will pay more attention to developing new products for different users to meet more humanized and personalized needs. Personalized mainly reflected in the household space type of plastic wood bathroom furniture, according to different ages, different aesthetic demand of users, plastic wood bathroom furniture in provide clean, comfortable and fine material texture at the same time, through material surface treatment process (color, texture, design, decoration) provides different visual feeling, let everyone can feel the warmth and beauty of the environment.