A lot of people feel aggrandizement compound floor compares real wood to the compound floor to cause formaldehyde pollution more easily, actually a lot of data and construction experience prove real wood to the compound floor just more easy to release formaldehyde. So today let’s take a look at why solid wood composite floors are more likely to be a source of formaldehyde release.

Compare the structural features of the two floors

The solid wood compound floor is made of solid wood plywood or veneer, the solid wood strip is core layer, the single board is bottom layer, or single board is the surface layer, plywood is base material. There are three solid wood composite floors and multiple solid wood composite floors.

Aggrandizement compound floor is called impregnated paper laminate aggrandizement wood floor board again, the surface is wear-resisting, flame retardant adornment layer, surface grain is copy wood grain paper, inside layer is high-density fiberboard.

The difference between the two decks

The solid wood compound floor is by different plank crisscross laminate and become, overcame the defect of real wood floor unidirectional same sex, dry shrink wet bilge rate is small, have better dimensional stability, retained the natural wood grain of real wood floor and comfortable foot sense. Solid wood compound floor holds concurrently the stability of aggrandizement floor and aesthetic sex of real wood floor.

Aggrandizement compound floor surface laminate pattern is consistent, wear-resisting and hardness is big, and laid simple. The disadvantage is that the service life is short and the decoration layer cannot be recovered after being damaged.

Characteristic comparison of formaldehyde release

Solid wood composite floor front and back

Solid mu fu joins a floorboard is made up of wear-resisting layer, adornment layer, base, balance layer, the facade of the spray paint, free formaldehyde in the plywood can be completely sealed, but the problem is that solid mu fu joins a floorboard generally don’t do finish processing, on the back of the shop floor after free formaldehyde could be released directly, and then through the gaps between the floor to evaporate into the air, if you don’t do governance becomes formaldehyde pollution for a long time, virtually erode your family’s health.

Reinforced composite floor side

Although aggrandizement floor is met with glue amount to be greater than the real wood compound floor, because the mechanism is relatively dense, and have sealing material package on both sides, can release formaldehyde pollution only on the side.

Tell from formaldehyde content, aggrandizement compound floor is greater than the real wood compound floor, but tell from formaldehyde release amount on, the real wood compound floor should be greater than aggrandizement compound floor, and it is long-term formaldehyde pollution releases a source.