With the development of social economy, people’s living standards have greatly improved, quality of the living environment and the demand is higher and higher, with emphasis on environmental protection, international traditional wooden decoration, decoration materials has been gradually replaced by artificial materials, PVC plastic sheet is one kind of product, it has been widely applied to the decoration, decoration, health care and transportation, etc.

Inherent Defects In The Original PVC Plastic Board

However, due to the inherent defects of PVC plastic, PVC plastic sheet has some quality shortboard, such as damp and long use of the plate produced mold, mildew spot; Plate strength is low, hardness is small, easy to warp; When used in advertising printing ink adsorption is weak, there are defects such as easy to drop ink; Easy to generate static electricity, dust, etc.; These defects seriously affect the market positioning of PVC plastic sheet, limit its development speed and application scope, in order to overcome the shortcomings of existing technology, PVC plastic wood foam antibacterial board was born.

PVC Foamed Deck Improvement

PVC foamed deck with strong wooden sense, good rigidity, corrosion resistance, antibacterial sterilization, no static electricity, no dust, printing color and other advantages. The PVC foamed antibacterial board is made of POLYvinyl chloride. Due to the addition of quaternary ammonium salt, titanium or silver antibacterial agent, this composite antibacterial agent can be long-acting, efficient and comprehensive anti-bacterial, fungal and mold, with an effective rate of 99.99%. The quaternary ammonium compound also plays an antistatic role in the board.

PVC Foamed Deck Application New Field
PVC Foamed Deck Performance

PVC foamed antibacterial board, the board formula added wood powder filler, reduce the specific gravity of the board, so that the board size stability, good rigidity, lightweight, strength, strong wood sense; Add silica and polypropylene graft compound matting agent, make the surface of the plate reflective rate is low, the lustre is soft, this matting effect can improve the comfort of the light environment, make people not easy to produce visual fatigue; And uniform surface gloss, no secondary processing brush, save cost.

PVC foamed deck, the formula added by quaternary ammonium salt compound and amino acid compound ink absorbent, so that the board has antistatic properties, can meet the needs of mining mines and another electrostatic-sensitive environment; At the same time to improve the plate adsorption ink capacity, so that the plate printing better effect; Quaternary ammonium compounds also have antibacterial properties. The preparation method of the PVC foamed antibacterial board is simple and easy to implement.

PVC Foamed Deck Board Application Field

PVC foamed antibacterial board can be used in the transportation industry (such as medical car and car accessories, mobile therapy car interior, blood collection car interior); Special cabinets and decoration in medical and health fields (such as aseptic laboratory, aseptic injection room, ICU intensive care unit, operating room, etc.); Home decoration (e.g., cabinets and decorations in bathrooms and kitchens); and PVC deck can be used in Public bathrooms, swimming pools and other environments with high humidity and high hygiene requirements, and areas such as partition and decoration in rooms prone to bacteria.