Microfoam (MuCell) refers to the PVC decking in the injection molding cycle, in the material cylinder injection of supercritical state of liquid, in plastic to create a large number of uniform micron size closed bubble hole. Microfoaming (MuCell) generally includes chemical foaming and supercritical physical foaming. Among them, chemical foaming USES chemical method to produce gas to make plastic foaming: heating the chemical foaming agent added to plastic to decompose and release gas and foaming; Supercritical physical foaming is the preparation of inert gas into supercritical fluid, dissolved in plastic melt in injection molding, and then release the gas through mold decompression, so as to form pores and foam in plastic. PVC Decking Unique Micro Foam Technology In the production of high-quality precision products, micro-foam injection molding technology has great advantages. In the field of injection molding, micro-foam molding technology is particularly prominent, and is one of the fastest developing and most widely used precision molding technology. The average cost of microfoam molded products can be reduced by 16-20% compared to conventional molded products, excluding the purchase of licenses and additional investment in equipment. So what are the unique features of PVC decking microfoam?
Product weight reduced by about 10-20%
PVC decking micro foam technology in weight reduction advantages are obvious, with PBT, filled with nylon and ABS and other different resin materials to produce products, this process can ensure that the structure and strength of PVC decking products do not change greatly under the premise, reduce its weight by 10%, reduce the material cost of products. Different from structural foam, the microstructures are more regular and the distribution of micropores is more uniform. For small thin wall panel products, the injection rate of this process is very fast, and the crystal nucleus is instantaneous, therefore, will not appear micro hole melting phenomenon. Shorten injection cycle of PVC decking and reduce warping
Shorten injection cycle of PVC decking and reduce warping
Because the filling of outdoor PVC decking micro foam is relatively fast, and do not need pressure, so in the filling pressure can save time, thereby reducing the processing cost. Generally can reduce the short cycle by 15% to 40%, depending on the product and mold design.
Reduce cavity pressure, extend mold life
Cavity pressure refers to the pressure established after the plastic fills the cavity. For designers of plastic products, the pressure inside the mold cavity is their “enemy number one”. Because of the pressure, the mold will be deformed by heat, and even some parts will break. Microfoam technology can effectively reduce the cavity pressure by 57%, thus extending the life of the mold. Since there is almost no residual stress in the product, the warping and deformation of the product can be well restrained. Improve the dimension stability of PVC decking
Improve the dimension stability of PVC decking
Micro foam molding process greatly reduces the internal stress of PVC decking products, and guarantees the average shrinkage of different positions of products, effectively improve the dimensional stability of products, also significantly reduce the weight of products, eliminate flash, thus providing greater space for the quality and price of products. In addition, micro-foaming can also improve the freedom of product design. Products with thinner walls and longer flow length can be foamed to maintain pressure. The ratio of reinforcement thickness to plastic part thickness can reach 1:1 without shrinkage mark. If you have the idea of family decoration, you can refer to Seven Trust series of decking, under the premise of ensuring product quality to help you decorate the family environment more freely, customize their own unique decoration plan. Refer to the website: diyonlinemag.com