Although the plastic wood composite material has many advantages, due to the composite resin and wood powder, on the one hand, the toughness, impact strength and bending strength mechanical properties such as relative not fill plastic will have fallen, on the other hand, the opposite is true of natural lumber, around twice the density is wood, cannot serve as an ideal substitute for wood, so its application is limited by some. Add people to the WPC material foamed extrusion foaming agent, after foaming plastic wood composite material is a good bubble pore structure, can be blunt crack tip and effectively prevent the expansion of crack, significantly improve the shock resistance and toughness of materials. Products close to the wood density, and mechanical strength higher than that of wood, making it can be used as a good substitute for wood, and the product cost is reduced, thereby further widening the application range of WPC.

The material formula design is one of the key steps for the foaming of PVC wood plastic decoration microholes. The addition of wood fibre into PVC increases the melt viscosity and stiffness, making it difficult to obtain high porosity. On the other hand by the wood powder with strong water imbibition, and strong polarity, and PVC resin as nonpolar, hydrophobicity, so the compatibility between the two is poorer, interface cohesive force is small, need to add proper additives to improve the interface between the wood powder and PVC resin affinity. At the same time, it is necessary to add various additives to improve the processing performance and the use performance of the finished products.

The melting flow viscosity of plasticizer PVC resin is relatively high, so it is necessary to add the plasticizer to improve its processing performance when it is combined with wood powder. Add plasticizer can lower processing temperature, molecular structure of plasticizer contained two polar and nonpolar groups, under the high-temperature shearing action, it can into the polymer molecular chain, through the polar group attracted to each other to form a uniform and stable system, and its long nonpolar molecule is weakened into the polymer molecules attracted to each other, so as to make the process easier.

Colourant: by reasonable selection and collocation of colourant, can produce the imitation black walnut, red walnut, cherry wood, such as foam plastic wood composite materials, so the stain in foam plastic wood composite material production also has become more widely used, it can make with a uniform and stable colour wood products.

Influence factors of wood plastic composite microcellular foam products out of many, it involves factors such as raw materials, formula, process, should according to the equipment in the process of actual production process features reasonable control formula and technological conditions, such as temperature, velocity, pressure. can produce qualified products.