Wood plastic composite products: is a mainly by wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the basic materials and plastics made of high-tech environmental protection materials, both wood and plastic properties and characteristics, by the moulding equipment heating extrusion moulded plate or other products, can replace wood and plastic new composite materials, abbreviated as WPC. Precautions for Installation of WPC products Wood-plastic decking, with the same processing characteristics as wood, the use of ordinary tools can be sawed, drilled, nailed, very convenient. At the same time, with wood texture and plastic water-resistant anti-corrosion characteristics, making it a high performance and very durable outdoor waterproof anticorrosion building materials (wood-plastic decking, wood-plastic wall panels, wood-plastic fences, wood-plastic bench, wood-plastic garden landscape engineering, etc.). Wood plastic profiles should also be careful to ensure proper clearance when installing. Do not fix wood-plastic profiles directly on any solid surface, such as concrete, roof panels or rooftops. 1. Wood plastic used in railings, must be lined with steel pipe or square steel, and the same floor to be absolutely firm, railing spacing per 450mm requirements lining, to prevent deformation and fall, tenon should also take into account the hot rise of wood plastic cold shrinkage characteristics, but also let it have room for telescopic activities. Pillars and road floor installation can be used steel plate pre-buried in the concrete inside, the bottom plate of the pillar is then welded with the pre-buried steel plate, or bolted fastening. When the total length of the railing is greater than 400 meters, consideration should be given to building a deformed transition column. 2. When wood plastic is used in pavilions or flower racks, it is necessary to consider that the columns and beams must be lined with square tubes, and vertical to connect firmly, when the profile is installed upright, and the length is greater than 3 meters, each end should be fixed with 4 pairs of clamp screws. and the vertical screw spacing above 40cm, so that 4 screws per end of the average force. Wood plastic has a certain plastic characteristic, so when the length of more than 3 meters, the material has a certain bending, installation is easy to correct to normal, if the wood-plastic section is a special-shaped material, its bending deformation is relatively increased. Installation is able to basic correction in place; 3. Wood plastic for decking, because wood plastic has a slight heat rise cold shrinkage characteristics, coupled with the consideration of cleaning and other reasons, wood plastic profiles in the installation, Edge and Edge, the end and end must be left with the appropriate gap. The reservation of this gap is also closely related to the climate temperature at the time of construction. It is best to install the profile on the keel when installing the wood-plastic floor. When the profile is mounted with an inclination between the keel, or inside the bath, reduce the spacing of the keel by at least 10 cm. Wood Plastic products using waterproof anticorrosive materials production and processing, products applicable to a variety of environments, if you are still in the selection of product categories hesitant, it is better to try the wood-plastic type of products, easy to install, long service life, low maintenance costs. Very suitable for home use.  Material Environment Friendly WPC Decoration Products