The new-type material in household decorates now more and more, Co-Extrusion Decking is a kind of new floor material that has the characteristic of lumber already also has plastic property, anticorrosive performance is very good, suit to use in damp place so, household decorates interior to use in the balcony decorates more and more, below we go to understand the construction craft of plastic wood floor and notice what have:

The plastic wood floor is a kind of high-tech green environmental protection material which is mainly made from wood (lignocellulosic, plant cellulose) and thermoplastic macromolecular material (PE plastic) and processing assistant, etc., which is mixed uniformly and then extruded and formed by mould equipment after heating.

Plastic wood floor construction technology:

一、Construction preparation:

Construction accessories: plastic wood floor, keel, buckle, expansion pipe.

二、Notice for construction of plastic wood floor :

1. Plastic wood can be cut, sawed, drilled and mortise with ordinary woodworking machinery.

2. The plastic wooden keel is fixed on the floor with the expansion pipe, and the fixed point space of the expansion pipe is 500mm-600mm, and the screw nail cap is lower than the surface of the wooden keel.

3. Self-tapping screws can be used to tighten between plastic wood and plastic wood. It is recommended to use stainless steel self-tapping screws outdoors. Plastic wood and steel plate should use self – drilling self – tapping screw.

4. When using the self-tapping screw to tighten between plastic wood and plastic wood, the hole should be first drilled, i.e., pre-drilled. The diameter of the predrilled hole should be less than 3/4 of the screw diameter.

5. When installing the outdoor Co-Extrusion decking, one screw shall be used between the plastic wood profile and each keel.

6. The connection point between the plastic wood floor and the keel shall be fixed by connecting the plastic wood floor and the keel with plastic clasp.

三、Key points for installing plastic wood floor :

1. Plastic wood has the characteristics of slight heat increase, cold shrinkage, and other reasons, such as cleaning. Proper clearance must be made between the ends. The reservation of the gap is closely related to the climate temperature during construction.

2. When installing the plastic wooden floor, it is best to install the profile on the keel. According to the thickness of the profile (20MM-40MM), the keel spacing is generally between 400MM-500MM.

Plastic wood floor stability than the wood floor, not easy craze, cock and waterproof, anti-corrosion, wet resistance is very superior, the price also low also convenient to maintain, so now the use of household decorate inside also more and more.

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