Wooden plastic flooring may have been seen by everyone, generally in the park or sports venues have, but we may not know the specific information of wood-plastic flooring, the wood-plastic flooring has what advantages are not too clear, the individual after the use of wood-plastic products a few experiences of the characteristics for everyone to sum up some. Wooden Plastic Flooring Introduction: Wooden plastic flooring is a new type of environment-friendly wood-plastic composite products, in the production of high-density fiberboard process produced by the wood phenol, added recycled plastic through granulation equipment made of wood-plastic composite materials, and then carried out high-temperature extrusion production group made of wood-plastic flooring.

Advantages of wood-plastic flooring:

1, wood-plastic flooring strong plasticity.

And the traditional sense of solid wood flooring, wood-plastic flooring is very malleable, that is to say, you can easily achieve the floor style of the demand and positioning. Now many brands have launched a variety of styles and styling of wood-plastic flooring, so in terms of plasticity, it is also a major advantage of wood-plastic flooring.

2, wood-plastic flooring anti-insect anti-termite.

Solid wood Flooring In addition to the fear of water is afraid of the tide, there is a fatal drawback, that is, fear of bugs and termite erosion. But anti-insect and termite protection is also a great advantage of wood-plastic flooring, so we do not have to worry about the installation and use of wood-plastic flooring in the floor will be due to termite erosion, shorten the lifespan.

3, wood-plastic flooring waterproof and moisture-proof.

In everyone’s impression, the biggest drawback of solid wood flooring is not waterproof and moisture-proof, and this point in the wood-plastic floor on the body did not appear, because the wood-plastic floor waterproof and moisture-proof function is very powerful. During the cleaning process, there is no need to worry about leaving the water stains on the floor life or maintenance impact.

4, wood-plastic flooring installation is convenient and fast.

The installation of wood-plastic flooring is also a difficult problem, whether it is wooden flooring or ordinary flooring. But people who use and install wood-plastic flooring know that wood-plastic flooring is not only very convenient but also very fast during installation. Basically, it doesn’t take much time and doesn’t require complex design and manufacturing processes, and it’s easy to handle.