Make the most of it and avoid waste
Antiseptic wood and other product materials are processed by natural growth materials, and their original specifications are not the same. In order to produce uniform size raw materials, large losses will be generated in the process of processing. In the process of site construction, a large number of secondary losses will be generated due to the lack of scale manufacturing, and the loss materials are difficult to be reused. Plastic wood products is the use of wood flour with PE materials such as processed products, the size can be accurately according to the customer site construction requirements, such as road width of 2250 mm, terrace width of 1590 mm, can according to your request for a certain system, no unnecessary losses, the installation process can ensure very low secondary loss.
Use hollow to reduce consumption
The use of ordinary anti-corrosion wood as the outdoor floor or outdoor railing is in the solid form. If it can be made hollow, it will certainly reduce the material consumption substantially. But the strength of anti-corrosion wood is decreased after it is processed into hollow, which is not suitable for outdoor use with uncertain crowd density. And plastic wood is a kind of new outdoor material with high strength, under the condition of guaranteeing strength and using safety, can design most products into hollow, no matter floor, wall panel, or balustrade pavilion, this can save the use of raw materials in great quantities. In most general purpose 25mm thick floor, the weight of still hollow floor only has the weight of still solid floor half; The 120*120 hollow columns weigh only two-fifths of the 120*120 solid columns. It not only saves a lot of raw materials, achieves energy saving and emission reduction, but also provides users with high-cost performance outdoor building materials. If you are in need of decoration, you are welcome to check our product information. You can contact our business personnel through the email of the website to get free product quotation and samples.