With the rapid development of urbanization, the construction of the urban public building environment is also booming. Public outdoor bench and flower boxes are important components of the whole public building environment. The public bench can provide people with the functions of rest, conversation and entertainment, while flower boxes not only play an important role in keeping the public environment clean and comfortable but also reflect the good appearance of urban civilization. Therefore, it is of great significance to the design of public environment bench and flower boxes. In the process of design and use, it is especially important to choose materials. The selection of materials plays a vital role in the service life of bench and flower boxes and the use experience of users. At present, the plastic wood composite material has been widely used in various fields because of its many excellent characteristics. In the design of public environment chair and flower box application, in order to provide some reference for the application and promotion of plastic wood composite materials in the design of public building environment.

Introduction To The Types of The Public Bench

The public outdoor bench is divided into strip bench, square bench, circular bench, single concave bench, multi concave bench and arc bench and other common types.

Different types of the bench are suitable for the occasion and function are different, such as a single concave seat consists of two strip bench, two strip bench into 90°, more suitable for two people and more small groups to communicate, and will not block traffic; The multi-concave seat can be seen as composed of a number of single concave seat, suitable for the park and other spacious, more visitors to the location of placement, suitable for a number of small groups of communication and rest. A combination arrangement will be different types of the bench combined with each other to form a group arrangement, showing a relatively relaxed atmosphere. The design principle is in accordance with the best scale of the human body morphology and the selection of the best performance, look and feel of the material. On the one hand, the chair should conform to the best scale of human body morphology, and the scale design should pay attention to the height of the chair, the area, the inclination of the backrest, the height and radian of the armrest on both sides. On the other hand, the seat should focus on the selection of materials, because the public bench are outdoors for a long time, exposed to the wind, sun and rain and snow erosion, if the material itself has a large defect will cause the seat life is shortened, unable to maximize the use of the seat, to meet the needs of people’s life and entertainment. Seat materials should meet the characteristics of stable thermal performance, not easy to be affected by external temperature, breathable environmental protection, not easy to absorb water, water and so on.

Plastic Wood Material Outdoor Bench Flower Box Has Potential

Want to improve the quality of outdoor seating, increase humanistic care, unique outdoor plastic wood leisure chair is a good choice. Now, many park scenic spots, residential greening are willing to choose a plastic wood outdoor bench, because of not only beautiful style generous, but also because of reliable quality, but also more suitable for cultural leisure environment. All kinds of plastic wood outdoor leisure chairs, appearance design is unique, beautiful, diverse styles, stool article USES plastic wood composite material or plastic wood reinforcement reinforced material, add the UV resistant, healthy environmental protection, not only appearance is close to natural lumber, close to nature, does not rot, not faded, insect-resistant eat by moth, paint-free, long service life, and high strength, creep resistant, impact-resistant performance is good and beautiful and durable. It is the first choice for parks, squares, streets, communities, schools, shopping malls, factories, scenic spots, amusement parks, bathing beaches and so on.

At present, plastic wood flower boxes appear in people’s vision of more and more frequency, municipal road green on both sides of the wood-plastic flower boxes used colorful. Flower boxes, with a natural and lifelike expression, add a strong artistic atmosphere to the whole city. Change the traditional single plant planting to multiple plants integrated planting, with the overall aesthetic feeling, to create an elegant atmosphere of the landscape, and can be combined with the local traditional culture to design, to enhance affinity.

With the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the call for the protection of forest resources is rising day by day. The plastic wood material is used to replace the previous wood. The surface of the plastic wood flower box is impervious to water and does not fade. Acid and alkali resistance is the future of the environmental life of the main alternative products.

Plastic Wood Flower Box Has Excellent Performance:
  • Texture – Compared to materials such as metal, stone or glass, wood has a very good sense of texture visually and tactile.
  • Good insulation – wood because of its poor electrical conductivity, is one of the better electrical insulation materials.
  • High Strength – Compared to some metals, plastic wood has a higher strength to weight ratio and is stronger.
  • Good machinability – can be easily sawed, planed, nailed, soft and hard medium, convenient processing.
  • Decoration – natural wood grain, beautiful and full of ecological atmosphere, is a rare pure natural decorative materials.
  • Insulation – plastic wood thermal conductivity is very small, flower box thermal insulation than most materials are much higher, high energy saving value.

In the design of outdoor bench and flower boxes in the public environment, the selection of materials plays a vital role in the service life and user experience of bench and flower boxes under the premise of satisfying the pleasant scale and the best selection of materials. Plastic-wood composite material has many advantages, such as stable thermal performance, good corrosion resistance, strong resistance to microbial degradation, and not easy to absorb water and water. Therefore, the selection of plastic wood composite materials in the design of public environment bench and flower boxes has broad market prospects.