In recent years, the application of plastic wood composite hollow decking materials has spread all over the field. It is a new environmental protection material, pure environmental protection, no pollution, and protecting the earth environment. With people’s attention, plastic wood composites panel are obtained in the field of architectural decoration accreditation. It is used to polymerize the biomass material and polymer material, and the comprehensive utilization of wood is improved, recyclable, degradable, and strong circular utilization. No pollution is produced from the various links produced to use, referred to as environmental materials in the true meaning of the true meaning. Plastic wood composites material has become a new favourite in architectural decoration.

Plastic wood inner wall panel / outer wall panel is the earliest developed in the series of products, the most varieties, is also the most widely used a series. Generally applicable to building an outdoor wall panel, building door head, outdoor landscape, company image wall, TV background wall, living room bedroom wall, bathroom wall, bathroom wall, available many places, and in the water environment has incomparable advantages.

Plastic Wood Material Indoor And Outdoor Decorative Application

It is a series of products that need to be developed according to the market. It is relatively improved. It uses traditional aluminum alloy, plastic steel ceiling installation method and the same general purpose keel. It is generally understood that workers installing traditional ceiling can install plastic wood ceiling, plus plastic wood is The nail can be sawed, so it is more easily processed and styled than aluminum alloy or plastic steel. Generally used with families, storefront, restaurant, leisure club, large public places, etc. The stereo surface shape of the personality can be created, which is particularly suitable for the need to pursue individuality, artistic styling spaces and special places.

The plastic wood composites hollow decking is the future of the main series, although the competition in the floor industry is extremely fierce, the plastic floor is still a place in the market with a unique advantage. It maintains both the temperature and contact of the texture and contact of the wood floor, and also provides excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-mobility, anti-white ants, very small existing deformation and curie. Plastic wood hollow decking floor has a good effect in outdoor, which can be used in the bathroom, bathroom, swimming pool, sauna and other places. Ye Muge plastic wood composite floor brought a refreshing monsoon, showing extraordinary style, bringing more inspiration and space to the designer, promoting the innovation of home design culture and the development of an ecological home environment.

The existing production process of domestic wood plastic products mainly includes three types of extrusion molding, hot pressing and injection molding. Extrusion molding is currently developing faster production processes. It is characterized by short processing cycles, high production efficiency and a simple molding process, but the extrusion process is high in cost, low product density and low hardness. The thermocompression molding is characterized by a plate material that can be obtained, and the prepared sheet texture is dense, and the surface plastic content is high. Injection molding is one of the relatively late processing methods, still in its infancy, but develops rapidly. It is characterized by the production of product design, suitable for the production of complex products, and the quality of injection molded wood-plastic hollow decking products should be produced by the other two processes. With the improvement of processing technology and the innovation of surface treatment technology, the application of plastic wood composites decking in the field of architectural decoration will be in the future.