Common consumer hears wooden floor adornment, can think of real wood floor board commonly. True, the environmental protection performance of a real wood floor is high by a lot of people love, but real wood product needs a later period to maintain the ability to assure its life and quality. A new type of wood floor material — the WPC Decking Manufacturer is popular on market recently. As a new type of wood products for environmental protection, the plastic wood floor is less trouble for maintenance and installation. Next, introduce the floor of the plastic wooden floor for everybody.

The advantage of the plastic wood floor is much modelling changeful effect is good

The plastic wood floor still is a kind of newer adornment material in domestic, but already popular in abroad many years. It is the wood powder and PVC powder as main material, through special processing technology of synthetic a wood plastic composite material, which can partly replace wood, plastic, steel, used in the certain environment has more advantages, is widely used in architecture, landscape and engineering decoration and other industries. The area that compares popular at present includes construction project to decorate and family to decorate condole top smallpox, metope adornment, floor, door window etc. Whether indoors or outdoors, you can have a complete wood world if you want. The biggest characteristic of the plastic wood floor is environmental protection, and the wind is blown, bask in the rain to hit after do not deform, besides do indoor adornment so, do outdoor adornment also very appropriate. In addition, the plastic product model of the floor of wood of a lot of change, and each product has a lot of colour can choose, of course, when decorating, can also like parquet floor assembly, so its adornment effect is very good.

Environmental friendly and convenient materials flood into the flooring market

Many people may still be wondering how plastic wood floor shop outfit, actually its surfacing process is similar to wood, all need to play the keel, all is by the manufacturer of professional workers to operate, concrete pavement way after you into the store can have a professional and technical personnel to provide services. The product of hollow decking is located in medium, high-grade, its biggest window lies in environmental protection health, suit high-grade home to install very much, work outfit. And is different from real wood and composite wood is, as a new type of composite materials, it has more suitable for the characteristics of outdoor decoration, in the concept of “green environmental protection and ecological construction” is increasingly being magnified today, believe it will be graded into the public view.

How to identify the quality of the plastic wood floor?

The hardness, toughness, gloss, surface defects and texture of the products are the visual indicators to judge the quality of plastic wood floor. However, the outdoor weather resistance, shrinkage deformation rate and colour fading of the product cannot be clearly judged.