The plastic wood composite plate is a new type of green environmental decorative material. The main material of the plastic wooden panel is plant cellulose and cellulose, plastic is a thermoplastic polymer material. The performance of the plastic wooden board and the cost to build a composite deck is better than solid wood plates, so it is increasingly popular in the decorative building materials market, and plans have been replaced by plastics and wood. The WPC hollow decking is because it can use abandoned crushed wood, corner powder and other materials for product manufacturing, use waste reuse, production technology for use, and use without any hazardous substances. Therefore, it is increasingly popular in various fields such as the decoration industry, furniture and packaging industry, known as the preferred green environmental protection plate, widely used in the building materials board market.

Plastic Wooden Board Characteristics

Low loss: use plastic wooden boards, less ordinary wood used in the same case. Moreover, most Plastic wood composite plate is hollow specifications that save more production materials cost to build a composite deck. At the same time, the cost of the hollow sheet is lower, and the price will be more favorable. An advantage of hollow profiles is to alleviate their own weight and reduce the load capacity of the carrier. These are all the advantages of plastic wooden boards, and ordinary wood plates cannot be done.

Easy to handle: Ordinary solid wood plates are designed to paint for protection, and some protective paints are applied in subsequent use, otherwise it will affect the service life. And the black composite decking does not require this process. After processing, you can use it, do not need to brush paint, waterproof performance is also very good, it’s non-slip composite decking. Maintenance costs are much lower than wood products.

Long life: The service life of the plastic wood board is three to four times higher than that of ordinary wood plates, that is, can use more than 10 years to 50 years. Long use cycle, the cost of the plastic wooden board is naturally higher.

Select Plastic Wood Composite Plate Green Environmental Protection
Plastic Wooden Board Composite Decking Contractors

Many people reflect the plastic wooden boards to deformed after a period of time, in fact, the high-quality plastic wooden board does not deform, and the load gravity and pressure resistance are very strong. However, because the plastic wooden board market is more chaotic, the merchants are mixed, and consumers are difficult to observe the quality of plastic wood boards from the appearance when buying products, so they give poor merchants. Plastic wooden board If the product is used as a material, the product produced is not durable, and the cycle is very short. So everyone must buy a regular product with a certificate of certification composite decking contractors, or choose the products produced by well-known manufacturers. Although the price is more expensive than ordinary products, the performance is good and the cycle is used.

The Plastic Wooden Board Use

Plastic wood composite plate is combined with the advantages of solid wood plates and plastic sheets, and the disadvantage is improved. Therefore, in the indoor ornament industry, the real estate industry, the jewellery industry in the car and vessel is widely used in the field of future house construction, which can be used as furniture, a floor, decorative materials, etc.

Black composite decking can withstand various processing processes because of good toughness and rigidity, and it is not easy to crack deformation, and waterproof performance and various environments can be used. But when you purchase, you must look for the product of the regular manufacturer, otherwise deformed in use, the service life is also short.